StorkStand transforms from a lapdesk to standing desk in seconds

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NEWS – If you’ve considered buying a standing desk but changed your mind because they are bulky and expensive, I have an alternative for you. It’s the StorkStand and it’s the best of both worlds. This laptop stand is constructed of wood and aluminum and is built to hold up to 50 lbs! But if you have a 50 lb laptop then you have more problems than just finding a standing desk 😉 Joking aside, you can use the StorkStand on your lap or unfold the brace and hook it to the back of an office chair and presto chango, you have a standing desk! Check them out at where you can buy one for $99.

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6 thoughts on “StorkStand transforms from a lapdesk to standing desk in seconds”

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  2. Amongst the most dangerous and unreliable furniture in the office, swivel chairs with casters should be the top most.
    There is absolutely no way I am going to put my $1000+ equipment on that rube Goldberg contraption.

    1. My thoughts exactly. There may be constructive use cases for this product, but the Aeron chair in the picture – which not only has wheels that can’t be locked, but also reclines – surely ain’t it.

  3. Unless one’s office is staffed by uncoordinated desk and chair-bumper colleagues this thing appears to be pretty stable as long as gravity is working. My 3 laptops all have rubber feet and I think would be secure on this thing. I’m intrigued, yet it seems pricey. My DIY wheels are turning…

      1. The web is full of clever DIY ways to do this! One can also pay $$$$ for a ready-made treadmill desk from major office furniture manufacturers. I’m able to walk up to around 1 mph while typing or participating in phone/video calls; faster, not so much.

        1. The issue buying one for my treadmill is that the controls for speed are on the handles which is typically where the board rests. So I’ll need to make something. I just haven’t made time to do that. If I do, I’ll make a how-to article!

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