Every summer we read tragic stories about children dying from heat-related causes when their parents or caretakers forgot them in the backseat of their car. According to the company Rear View Safety, 29 children have died from vehicular heatstroke in 2016. Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside of a car can reach 125 [...]

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Most of us who bike, work and live in places where we have to interact constantly with motorized vehicular traffic. Since it's very important for the drivers to know you are present, safety reflectors are a part of almost every bike sold. And most of them are cheap plastic things that get easily damaged, look [...]

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The GEKO Smart Whistle is a personal safety device that will send your pre-defined contact list an SMS message, email or phone call with your location when you press the button or blow into it for more than two seconds. You can also send them an audio recording if you're unable to speak. After deactivating [...]

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Do you have multiple smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home? If not, stop reading this and go buy some. Then come back and finish reading this article. If you've installed several throughout your home, then good job. Your family is now protected. Or are they? Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can mean [...]

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Have you or someone you know ever been caught in a rip current while swimming on the beach? If so, you know that it can carry you out toward deep waters surprisingly fast. To get out of the rip current you are supposed to swim parallel to the shore then swim toward the shore; but [...]

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For many of us, summer means ample time spent in or on the water. Whether it's taking a dip in the pool, catching a wave, or casting a line, summer and water activities go hand in hand. Regrettably, many of us fail to take appropriate safety measures when taking in the summer fun. I'm sure [...]

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Nest Protect

As I've stated before, I love smart home products. I'm not entirely sure if it's laziness or the cool factor, but I love having the ability to control things from my smartphone. Nest recently announced a redesign of its Nest Protect fire alarm. I have the original Nest Protect at home and was excited to [...]

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You want to have a smarter home - one that can notify you of events happening at home through your mobile device - but you don't have purchasing all new equipment in your budget.  You can make your current carbon monoxide and fire detectors smarter just by using a smart battery from Roost.  They say: [...]

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We have reviewed quite a few surveillance cameras for your home like the DropCam, but this is the first camera I've seen that has been designed especially for use inside your car. No, the InfantTech Always in View Baby Monitor is not a dashcam which points outside your windshield to record your driving adventures, this [...]

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As any parent knows, there's a bit of danger associated with very young children trying to wash their hands on their own.  When my daughter was very young, we had to keep a footstool in the bathroom so she could reach to wash her hands - so there's a falling danger.  There's also a scalding [...]

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When we moved into our condo, the first thing we did was replace the deadbolt - and that's despite living in a building with security locks on all exterior doors and the elevators, plus a doorman stationed at the door 24/7.  But what if you live in a rental where you can't change the locks [...]

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Keep Baby Safe with Carkoon

Is this the ultimate high tech baby capsule?  The Carkoon is a child restraint seat made of Kevlar to protect from side impact.  In the case of an accident, a Kevlar airbag deploys to protect the child from any flying debris.  It also protects from smoke should there be a fire, and it has enough air [...]

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My daughter has her learner's permit now, and I'm really not relishing the idea of her being on the road by herself in the near future.  The Tiwi Driver Mentoring Solution system could be just the thing she, or any beginning driver, needs to remind her of safe driving practices when an experienced driver isn't [...]

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Winter snows will soon be here for many parts of the country - assuming you haven't been hit already.  Keep the Auto Safety Kit and Sport Utility Shovel in your car's trunk, and you'll be ready for emergency snow removal if you get stuck somewhere away from home.  The kit comes from L.L. Bean and [...]

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Walking your dog at night can be dangerous for you and your dog.  Drivers are more likely to see you, with your light and/or reflective clothing and a flashlight, than they are to see your dog.  With the LED-lighted collars and leashes from Dog-e-Glow, your dog will be as visible as you are.  The collars [...]

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