Corsori air fryers recalled, free replacement offered

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cosori air fryer recall

RECALL NEWS – Back in July 2019, I reviewed Corsori’s air fryer model number CP158-AF.  My wife and I like the appliance, but I recently found out that it and several other models have been recalled because a wire can overheat and thus cause a fire and burn hazard.  The impacted models are CP158-AF, CS158-AF, CAF-P581-AUSR and CAF-P581S-AUSR (Light Gray).  According the CSPC notice, consumers who have one of these models should stop using the fryer and “contact Cosori to receive their choice of a free replacement air fryer or another Cosori product by registering at During registration, consumers must provide their contact information and submit photos of the recalled unit with the cord cut off. No receipt is needed to receive a replacement.”  Let us know in the comments if you were able to successfully get a replacement.

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  2. Contacted Cosori EU there email is on the label on the bottom of the air fryer, and they confirmed that the recall does not apply to the UK as they are wired in a different way and use a different voltage system. If you try the recall website there is only options for America, Canada and Mexico. Do not cut the plug of your air fryer.

    1. Perchè i paesi interessati del problema sono solo quelli del Nord America e non l’Europa e il Regno Unito.

      1. Translation: Because the countries affected by the problem are only those of North America and not Europe and the United Kingdom.

    2. Armando Murillo

      Philip, Thanks for the comments, but in my case I registered my air fryer per direction, I added all photos required but I am getting this message “After review, we found some errors with your registration. Please double-check and re-enter your information. Here are some possible errors:
      Cord is not cut, visible, or clear.
      Any reason why you said do not cut the wire ?? Thanks

      1. I think he said don’t cut your wire unless you are eligible for a replacement, which only applies to people in America, Canada and Mexico.

      2. Because in order to get a replacement you must take three pictures, French back French back and bottom it must show the cord has been cut, include the batch number! This is a pretty good video I found about how to do all of this cuz it was a lot

    3. You have to cut the cord and send a picture of the back of the unit with the batch number visable and the cord cut visable. That is what finally worked for me.

  3. Cosori requires a picture under the unit which is no problem but they also ask for a BATCH # (BN) located in 3 possible areas on the Fryer but after 2-3 years there is not a BN label. It was just a small adhesive sticker that either wasn’t ever there in the first place or just came off due to the heat from the Fryer or some other reason. They said that they need this #. I call BS. I was able to find the original order details from my Amazon order and I am thinking why they couldn’t match the SN from the label attached to the Fryer on the bottom side of the Fryer. I tried calling Cosori but there was a 60 min wait. I waited on the phone for 20 mins but couldn’t wait for another 40+ mins. I will try again tomorrow. The Fryer always had excessive smoke and felt hot on the sides of the Fryer. Maybe the BN label burned off because it melted off the label attributed to the heat

    1. FYI – The serial number IS the batch number. I have already submitted my claim with photos and it was accepted.

      1. Did you get a replacement yet?
        I have a confirmation # from acceptance but have not heard anything

    2. This is just a joke. Mine got approved. But not anymore now the registration number is not good. I hate cosori. Wish I had never cut the cord. Lots of luck.

    3. The batch number doesn’t peel off. mine is there after 3 years. is a huge number on the side of the fryer.
      I’m getting my replacement this week

    4. I had the same issue with mine no batch number anywhere on the unit. I called Cosori and waited over 40 min to talk to a representative and they had to assign me a Batch number. Then was able to register my unit for a replacement. They even rejected it because it did not have a label to match the number in photo. Had to email and tell them the issue that they themselves assigned me that number and then went through now replacement is on the way.

      1. Sounds like you had to go through a lot, Dave, but it also sounds like it’s going to work out for you. Kudos on your persistence.

  4. With 2 million units on recall, it’ll be months or even years to get hold of these people to get a replacement, I have tried to call, I have tried to register on their website, no luck it just freezes at some point and will not let you go forward

      1. They are saying 2-3 weeks if you are getting a replacement. It is 6-8 weeks if you are getting another product. It seems people are getting them in that time frame.

  5. Applied on line for a replacement last week. Followed instructions and cut the cord, sent the 3 pictures that are required. Haven’t had any response. Wondering how long it will take to receive the new one.

    1. Wondering the same thing, but with over 2 million recalled I suspect it will be quite a long time. I really don’t want to be without an air fryer for very long.

      1. In fact, I honestly don’t even remember what else was being offered in the way of replacement items. Now I’m wondering whether it was wise to choose another Air fryer. It may be A VERY LONG TIME before that happens.

  6. Buongiorno, nel 2022 ho acquistato da Amazon due friggitrici del modello interessato del problema di cui una regalata a mio figlio. Leggendo nei vari commenti la difficoltà nel contattare la Corsori…ho pensato di contattare prima Amazon, il quale mi ha confermato che effettivamente stanno ritirando i prodotti di quei modelli dal mercato ma che i paesi interessati sono solo quelli del Nord America e non il Regno Unito e l’Europa e quindi di stare tranquillo che nel caso sarò contattato via E-Mail dallo stesso Amazon.

    1. Translation: Good morning, in 2022 I bought from Amazon two fryers of the affected model of the problem, one of which was given to my son. Reading in the various comments the difficulty in contacting the Corsori… I thought to contact Amazon first, which confirmed that they are actually withdrawing the products of those models from the market but that the countries concerned are only those of North America and not the United Kingdom and Europe and therefore to rest assured that in case I will be contacted by E-Mail from Amazon itself.

  7. I’ve been notified, after three weeks, that my replacement will arrive in 6-8 weeks. I found the website and process efficient, considering the #of recalls. Miss the fryer, though. Bought a ceramic, non stick pan to tide me over.

  8. Cosori’s recall service is TERRIBLE!!
    I was informed that it would take 6-8 weeks to get a replacement after waiting on a call for 30 mins. Cosori should offer refunds to the customer as they are incapable of resolving recalls due a SAFETY ISSUE!

  9. I’m wondering if anyone got their replacement as of yet and what model was their replacement. We had the CP158-AF 5.8 qt. Hope we get a comparable size and nice features. We got approved and 6 to 8 weeks to wait.

    1. That’s the one I have. From what I see they will replace the same one. Only thing I see where you won’t get same thing is the different color ones. If they don’t have the color you had you get black

  10. I received my replacement model today. To be fair, the model I purchased in July of 2022 never gave me any trouble but forewarned is forearmed. I will be extremely cautious using it as the recall has left me leery of this brand.

    1. Recalls happen in every industry (including cars). Often companies often try to get around owning up to the issue. Different components are purchased from the same manufacturers. I doubt that Cosori makes the component that caused the issue. I am glad they are stepping up an doing replacements.

  11. Is Cosori replacing with reconditioned models or new, mine was a cs158AF and is being replaced with a CS159AF and there is no info whatsoever when googled. Can anyone answer this?

  12. My Cosori was a birthday gift for my brother. He did not want a replacement. Although it is stated somewhere that there are no refunds, I was able to get a refund.

  13. Hace más de 10 semanas que recibí la notificación de que había sido aceptado mi reclamo. Hasta hoy no he recibido mi air fryer. Tuve que comprar otra. Estoy muy molesta con la compañía Cosori por su falta de seriedad y compromiso con sus clientes.

  14. I just got my replacement from COSORI. That’s not air fryer. It’s food. Dehydrator. I don’t need that one. How can I get the air fryer?

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