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Pocket survival tools are a great way to be prepared for those emergencies that randomly occur in life. To me, the two key features in a survival tool are functionality and size. If a survival tool does not have some minimum features such as a cutting edge and a fire starting tool it misses the mark… Read More

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It's that time again, time to update my EDC gear. As in past years, I really don't have a true EDC setup I have more of a travel setup as I work from home and don't go out a lot. So here it is.  MixBag:  I reviewed this bag and love its versatility. It is… Read More

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Computer keyboards are almost a dime a dozen anymore. With different sizes, ergonomic, backlit, nonbacklit, wireless and wired. I will be honest I still use the original keyboard that was provided with my desktop computer. So, in order get me to want to switch over to a new keyboard it has to have some interesting… Read More

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Back in September of 2015, I reviewed a pretty interesting take on the slingshot, The Pocket Shot. I thought The Pocket Shot was a good product not only for everyday adventure but also as a survival tool. I was aware of another add-on for The Pocket Shot that would allow you to shoot arrows using The… Read More

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Making music on the fly has become commonplace today and with various music apps like GarageBand you have a virtual band in your pocket. There are a lot of devices on the market that capitalize on the portability of music making with devices that simulate guitars and keyboards, but no one has really addressed the… Read More

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I will admit, that along with being a gadget freak I am a tech geek. One item that has fascinated me since becoming fairly mainstream has been drones or quad copters. With several models now available and with varying features including video camera kits drones are becoming more than toys. Prices have started to come… Read More

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Trayvax Axis wallet review

Wallets are a simple device on the surface, basically designed to carry your cards and cash. Not unlike many, I have complicated my wallet by adding things like a pen and pen knife. I have been pretty loyal to my old wallet for a while since it was custom made for me. But wallets have… Read More

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Over the years of reading and writing for The Gadgeteer, I have seen a fair amount of combo eating utensils. While most of these have a spork like configuration, only a few have had a knife or cutting blade. KA-BAR (known worldwide for their Marine fighting knife) has come up with their version of a… Read More

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Shaving, love it or hate it men have to do it sometimes, I mean even if you just have to trim up a beard to keep it healthy. If you have seen any TV lately you would get the impression that shaving is big business with double blade razors, triple blade razors, German razor blades… Read More

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Misfit Ray review

Fitness trackers are getting more complicated and expensive every day. With features like heart rate monitoring, temperature monitoring as well as calorie burning calculation. Can we get any more healthy? But if you are looking for something a little simpler, something that tells you when you've reached your goals, but does not have that traditional… Read More

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It's just common sense that a good flashlight is hard to beat in the dark, right? But who actually has one handy when you need one? Nitecore thought about this and came up with the TIP flashlight, a pocket-sized flashlight designed to be attached to your keychain. This rechargeable aluminum flashlight is 2.39 inches long… Read More

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Fender music, you know the folks who make cool guitars and amps, have entered the mobile app market with the new self-produced Fender Tune iOS app. This free app has been designed for beginners and seasoned players alike and offers an auto-tuning mode, pre-set and customizable custom tuning options. The Fender Tune app also has… Read More

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I know Comic Con in San Diego just got over with but that does not mean it is too early to start thinking about next year. The Marvel Legends Captain America 75th Anniversary Metal Shield may be just the prop to put you over the top. This is a metal 1:1 ratio 24-inch in diameter… Read More

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As some of you may know, I love to tinker around with making music on my iPad. I have bought, traded and reviewed a number of products that allow me to interface with programs like Garage Band on my iPad to create and record music. I have had various amounts of success with these products… Read More

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When the iPad first came out years ago, I thought to myself there's something that has some real potential to become a portable gaming device. Over the years the iPads have become more powerful and the games more complex. The one area that lacked for gaming on the iPad was a suitable gaming controller, one… Read More

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