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Make your mark on the PC gaming world with the Logitech G910 OrionSpark RGB keyboard


In the world of PC gaming a tenth of a second can literally be the difference between life and death. The folks at Logitech know this and have come up with their latest gaming keyboard: the Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. The G910 Orion Spark RGB has the following features:

  • Romer-G mechanical switches, with up to 25% faster action. Intelligent RGB illumination, to customize your keys with a pallet of 16.8 colors.
  • ARX Control integration, allowing you to use the keyboards smart dock, iOS or Android device to add further functionality.
  • Nine programmable buttons, allowing you to customize nine keys across three profiles for a total of 27 commands.
  • Dedicated media controls, including play,pause and mute controls.
  • 113 key anti-ghosting. Absolute comfort, with two palm rest and keys designed to prevent mis-typing.

Available for pre-order now for $ 179.99 on the Logitech website and shipping in the November 2014 time frame, so you may only be a few months away from greater gaming.

The Cardiff Skate Company S1 skate review

Cardiff Skates S1-1

Skate technology has come a long way since the first patented version of roller skates from the 1760’s. Things like polyurethane wheels over steel wheels, strap on skates over lace up boot skates and four wheel inline over the quad version skate. So, where’s the next big improvement? The Cardiff Skate Company thinks they have found it with their S1 and S2 skates

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Altego Lunar Mirror Messenger bag review

Altego Lunar Mirror Messenger-1

I have always had a fascination with messenger bags, but have never found one that fit my needs. I love the roominess of messenger bags but I hate the lack of compartment separation and a secure location for my laptop or iPad. The Lunar Mirror Messenger from Altego has a solution for my problem.

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They may not make you play better, but NoScope Demon Series gaming glasses can help you play longer

NoScope glasses Demon serires

Have you ever found yourself deep in the jungle searching for bad guys, or how about deep in space looking for those aggressive aliens? If you play video games, especially FPS (First Person Shooters) games, you probably know what I am talking about. One issue I have noticed when putting in long sessions of gaming is that my eyes start to tire and even ache. The Demon series gaming glasses from NoScope may be able to solve this issue. The premise behind the Demon series glasses and others like it, is that they basically block out blue light that causes eye strain and fatigue. The Demon series glasses also help improve contrast and clarity while gaming or on the computer. The glasses are light weight with resin coated lenses and come with a free microfiber cleaning cloth and carrying pouch. At $19.99 from the NoScop glasses website, the Demon series gaming glasses won’t make you play better, but may make you more comfortable while playing.

SunJack Phone portable solar charger review

GigaWatt SunJack-1

These days, it is impossible to conceive of life without our phones, tablets gaming and other mobile devices. And I would guess for most of us having a backup power source is a must. But what happens when you decide to go off the grid to go camping or worse yet, you end up in an area with a major multi-day power outage (it happens more often then we like to admit)? The SunJack line of solar chargers from GigaWatt Inc may be your solution.  Read More →

Dog & Bone Backbone wireless charging case, pad and Backbone battery review

Dog&Bone Backbone-1

We have posted news articles here on The Gadgeteer about multitasking phone cases before. To be honest I have been enamored by a few, but in the end I have to ask myself “would I really use this in the real world”? In most cases I would have to say no, the gadgets or gimmicks just don’t seem practical or the size and weight of the case makes it clunky to use. The Backbone wireless charging case from Dog & Bone, an Australian company, is one that I hope hits the nail on the head for usefulness and practicality.

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Get your hydration fix in a flash with the collapsable Stash Bottle

Hydrapack Stash Bottle

Always on the lookout for neat travel gear, I recently stumbled upon this product from Hydrapak, the Stash Bottle a collapsible TPU walled water bottle. What makes this so interesting to me is that when not in use, the hard molded top and bottom can be collapsed together for storage. This feature is a travelers dream when every inch of space matters. The Stash Bottle expands to hold up to 25 oz (750 ML) of liquid and is 7.2 inches in height and 3.5 inches in diameter. The following are key features of the Stash Bottle:

  • Collapses to 2 inch (53mm) height
  • Stackable – Nests with other Stash™ Bottles for efficient multi unit storage
  • Molded top and bottom with custom snap-fit storage feature
  • RF welded to create superior bonds at a molecular level
  • 43 mm Screw Cap
  • Nylon Carrying Loop
  • BPA Free/ PVC Free/ Meets or exceeds FDA & EU regulations
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Naturally Anti-fungal
  • No-Leak™ Product Lifetime Warranty
  • 64 grams/2.26 ounces

The Stash Bottle will be available in November 2014 at various Hydrapak retailers and is slated to cost $17.99

You won’t be a square with the Polaroid Cube


If you’re a product of the 60’s, 70’s or even the 80’s, you probably know the Polaroid name. But when the digital age went into full effect the Polaroid brand, probably best known for its instant cameras faded some. In honor of their 75th year in business Polaroid is trying to make a comeback with the new Polaroid Cube. The Cube is a cube shaped video/digital camera that has the following features:

  • 1080p video
  • 6MP photo
  • 124° wide angle lens
  • Built in battery
  • Micro SD slot that can handle up to a 32GB card
  • Water resistant up to 2 meters (approximately 6 feet)
  • A built in magnet on the bottom for mounting

The Polaroid Cube is slated to go on sale sometime in August 2014. with a host of accessories to follow. The price of the Polaroid Cube has not been announced at the time of this writing.

Record your next epic gaming session with the Game Capture HD60

Elgato Game Capture HD60

You are a gaming god. You have sliced, slashed, driven and shot through all your foes. But how do you share these epic exploits with your friends and millions of potential worshippers? The Game Capture HD60 from Elgato is one way to do it. The Game Capture HD60 is a device designed to help you record from your gaming console (XBOX and PlayStation) with the ability to capture video up to 1080p at 60 fps (frames per second), which is becoming the standard on the new gaming consoles. Beside being able to upload your videos to the web, the Game Capture HD60 also lets you live stream your game play to sites like Twitch. The Game Capture HD60 has the following listed technical specs from the web site:

  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Input: PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Xbox 360 (unencrypted HDMI)
  • Output: HDMI (pass-through)
  • Supported resolutions: 1080p60, 1080p30, 1080i, 720p60, 720p30,
  • 576p, 576i, 480p
  • Dimensions: 112 x 75 x 19 mm / 4.4 x 3 x 0.75 in
  • Weight: 106 g / 3.7 oz
  • Comes with: Elgato Game Capture HD60, USB cable, HDMI cable

And the following system requirements:

  • PC: Windows 7 (or later), 4 GB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port
  • Mac: OS X 10.9 (or later), 4 GB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port
  • Game Capture HD60: 2nd generation Intel Core i5 CPU
  • (i5-2xxx or comparable)
  • Game Capture HD: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (or comparable)
  • Stream Command: 2nd generation Intel Core i7 CPU
  • (i7-2xxx or comparable) Windows 7 or later;
  • Stream Command for Mac coming soon.

If you are looking for a way to record or live stream your game play in 1080p at 60 fps you may want to check out the $179.95 Elgato Game Capture HD60.

X Rocker Pro H3 a gaming chair fit for the great Gluteus Maximus pro gamer extraordinaire

Ace Bayou X Rocker Pro H3

You have the system. You have the controller. You even have the pro peripherals, but what in the world are you sitting on? Ordinary seating just won’t cut it for the pro gamer so, what do the pros use? A gaming chair. One popular model of gaming chairs is the X Rocker Pro H3 from Ace Bayou Corp. The X Rocker Pro H3 is not just a chair it’s a gaming experience. This X Rocker Pro H3 has the following listed features on its web page:

  • 4 Speakers for Surround Sound
  • Vibration
  • Powerful Subwoofer
  • Wireless Sound
  • Stereo headphone jack.
  • Connects to an Xbox, a Playstation, a Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD and home theaters
  • Connect with multiple chair for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Folds for storing

One of the neat things about this gaming chair is its wireless connectivity to your gaming system feature. This means no wires have to be run from the gaming system to the chair allowing for a neat and tidy set-up. The X Rocker Pro H3 is available from several online retailers for an average price of about $181. You may not be a pro like Gluteus Maximus but you can sit and play like one.

You won’t lose sight of your target with the HipShotDot


Continuing with my video gaming theme this week, I bring you the HipShotDot, an onscreen red dot sight designed for FPS (First Person Shooters) games. Here’s the thing, as I have gotten a little older I sometimes have a hard time finding the sight reticle on the TV screen when playing shooting games. The scene on the screen is either too bright or the reticle is to faint to see. The HipShotDot from AirDrop Gaming is designed to help you see where your shooting no matter what the screen conditions. The HipShotDot is USB powered LED attached to a suction cup that is place directly on your television or gaming screen. Now having or making an aiming point on your TV for gaming is nothing new but having a light up version is. The HipShotDot has the following features listed on its web site:

  • USB Powered LED: Precision led powered by either game system USB hub or external USB power source
  • Micro Thin Lead: 9mm x 300mm
  • USB Power Connector: Powered via game system USB hub or external USB power supply
  • Water Clear Attachment: Easily attach and detach to your television or monitor
  • Illuminated Power Indicator: HSD logo illuminates to indicate power
  • Durable USB Cord: 2m power cord
  • Works great with games like: Call of Duty™ Series, Halo™ Series, Battlefield™ Series, 100’s more FPS games!

I will say, having a suction cup on your screen and a wire running down from the suction cup seems a little weird, but from the videos I have seen it becomes less noticeable as you play. Available from the AirDrop Gaming web site for $24.99, the HipShotDot may help you shoot to the top of the leader boards

Put the control in the palm of your hand with Cinch Gamings Custom Cinch 360 Xbox game controller


So, you consider yourself a gamer. You own the Xbox 360, you have all the latest First Person Shooters (FPS), you’re wired for sound with the latest headsets, but what about your game controller? The controller included with the Xbox 360 is fine, but let’s be honest, if you want to get to kill level extreme you need a custom high performance controller. Cinch Gaming has the Custom Cinch 360 to help make you a better player. What makes the Cinch 360 different from a lot of other after market controllers is their addition and placement of two programmed buttons on the bottom of the controller. These buttons can be mapped to any one of a number of functions built into the controller, the most common being the “A” and “B” buttons. Having the button at the bottom of the controller allows you to use the buttons function without removing your thumbs from the joy stick. Any FPS player will tell you milliseconds can be the difference between a high KDR (Kill Death Ratio) and death. The Cinch 360 comes with a host of options such as top shell colors, thumb stick colors and types, button colors and even LED colors. The Custom Cinch 360 starts at $79.95 and the price goes up depending on the options you add. Cinch Gaming also has controller options for Xbox one, and PlayStations 3 and 4.

Take your video games on the road with the GAEMS Vanguard

GAEMS Vanguard

I like gaming, but I seem to be traveling more and more these days and that puts a crimp in my gaming time. The Vanguard, a portable gaming solution from GAEMS could be the answer to any gamers prayers. The Vanguard is a hard shell case with a 19″ LED display built into the top cover and room for your Xbox 360/360S or your PS3 Slim in the bottom section of the case. The Vanguard has the following specifications as listed on the GAEMS web pages:

  • Screen : HD 720p 19″ LED
  • Input : HDMI input supports 720p (native) or 1080[ (scaled)
  • Sound : Cone Stereo Speakers (2) 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack (2)
  • Dimensions 19.75in W x 7in D x 16.75in H
  • Weight : 11.5 lbs*
  • Power : 100-240v AC
  • Certifications: HDMI, FCC, ETL/oETL, Energy Star, CEC, CE RoHS, REACH

Designed to be TSA and flyer friendly with dimensions of 19.75″ W x 7″ D x 16,75″ H, weighing in at 11.5 lbs and being forward compatible with the new Xbox One, the Vanguard can be your new traveling companion. Now a price of $349.99 from the GAEMS web page may seem a little steep, but if you’re a hardcore gamer no price is too high to keep that competitive edge.

The Loop earbud anti-tangling device review

The Loop-1

Stop me if you have heard this one before. You reach into your pocket, bag, or purse to pull out your earbuds and you come out with a wad of tangled and knotted up cable. Sound familiar? That’s how the idea for The Loop (earbud anti-tangling device) came about.

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A jumbo name for a small product: the pocket-sized Elephant Steady iPhone video stabilizer

Elephant Steady

I find as I am getting a little older, my hands just aren’t as steady as they use to be. Now for most things this is not an issue, but for shooting videos with my iPhone, this becomes a real problem. Elephant Steady, a Kickstarter project from ADPLUS Co., hopes to help the un-steady like me. Elephant Steady is an ultra small hand-held iPhone stabilizer for use when shooting video or pictures. Because it is designed to use the iPhones internal gyro sensor and an iOS app to compensate for movement, the Elephant Steady can be more compact than other similar devices on the market. The Elephant Steady features a compact design with a lithium-ion battery, a tilt control button, and a tripod mounting hole, and it is compatible with several models of the iPhone, even the iPhone 6. There are many pledge options for this project, with a pledge of $79 getting you an Elephant Steady. This project is seeking funding until August 14, 2014, and if successful, is slated to ship in the February 2015 time frame.

Pong iPhone case review

Pong case-1

When it comes to smart phone cases, it seems you must have an angle to be competitive in the market. Some are light weight, some super stylish, some are mega rugged. Pong cases have found their niche in protecting you from wireless radiation. Read More →

I-MEGO Maze headphones review


Listening to music is big business. And judging by the amount of advertising I see, you need the proper listening devices, with the right amount of flash and style to be able to get the best out of your listening experience. At least that’s what the high-end headphone market want you to believe. Enter the MAZE headphones from I-MEGO, headphones that want to take on the competition without all the hype.

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You won’t need to ride the rails with the HOBOROLL


Being in the travel business, I seem to find myself on the road more and more. Packing for long trips is fairly easy: I pull out the large suitcase, pack it up, and go. Packing for a short day trips or even short tours on my longer travels can be a real hassle. I tend to carry a Sackpack or Gymsack type of bag for this; my problem with it is there is no separation for articles I bring and no way to make the bag more compact when I only have a few items. The HOBOROLL, a Kickstarter project from Chez Brungraber, solves those problems. The HOBOROLL is a small nylon stuff sack with five internal compartments (think of the inside like a pie chart) to allow you to keep items separate and accessible. The HOBOROLL has drawstring openings on each end allowing easy access from both sides, outer radial compression straps so you can compress the bag, and a zippered compartment that allows the HOBOROLL to be stuffed inside of it and easily stored when not in use. The HOBOROLL is 11″ x 14″ and weighs 2.8 ounces.  It currently comes in two color choices. This project has several pledge options, with a pledge of $35 getting you a HOBOROLL of your color choice. This project is seeking funding thru August 14, 2014, and if successfully funded, will start shipping in the March 2015 time frame.

The Clutch, Slid and Anchor Links are three accessories to help you hold on to your camera


So, you have that camera you always wanted and now you are looking for accessories to help make you a better shooter. Neck straps and hand straps are a couple of items that come to mind when I think of camera accessories and, the Clutch, Slide and Anchor Links Kickstarter project from Peter Dering and Peak Design are some rather unique ones. The Slide is a sling/neck/shoulder strap with a twist. Made out of tubular seat belt style webbing what makes this strap unique besides it versatility is the adjustment system that locks in place and makes it easy to adjust the Slide to whatever size you need.  Read More →

MBI HF flashlight review



I would think it is fair to say that we have done our fair share of flashlight reviews at The Gadgeteer. We get them in all shapes and sizes, so for me to do a review on one it has to be unique or have an unexpected feature. The MBI HF from Match Box Instruments is both unique and has a suprise.

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When is a flashlight not just a flashlight? When that flashlight is the new Capsule Task Light

Striker Capsule

Now I know what you may be thinking, wow another flashlight and you may be right. The Capsule Task Light from Striker caught my eye not only for its design, but the accessories included with it. The Capsule Task Light operates on three standard AAA batteries, has an LED array that produces up to 60 Lumens of light, has two light modes, last up to 55 hours, is weatherproof, and comes with the following accessories:

  • Adjustable headlamp base
  • Spring steel clip
  • Flashlight lanyard
  • Magnetic adjustable base

So as you can see, the Capsule Task Light is ready for just about any situation, and after all, isn’t versatility what we are looking for in our devices? The Capsule Task Light costs $24.99 on the Striker website.

Change your golf game with the Garmin Approach S6

Garmin Approach S6

Summer has arrived and to me that means time to play golf. As a golfer I am always looking for ways to improve my game, so the Garmin Approach S6 GPS golf watch is a product that interests me. Garmin is known for its GPS systems and has a significant presence in the golf course GPS market, so it is only natural for them to parlay that into a color watch version of their golf GPS system. The Approach S6 features the following:

  • Swing tempo
  • Tempo training
  • Swing strength
  • Course view
  • Layup distance
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Stat Tracking

With more than 30,000 golf courses from around the world loaded onto the Approach S6 and a 180 x 180 high res color touch screen it makes almost the perfect golfing companion. Costing $399.99 on the Garmin website, the Approach A6 could just be that edge on the course that you are looking for.

It’s easy to score with Hat Trick BBQ tools

Hat Trick BBQ

Hockey season is over and you’re jonesing for some stick time, but the temperature outside could melt steel let alone your backyard ice rink. Hat Trick BBQ has the solution to get that stick back in your hands, or at least part of a hockey stick. Hat Trick BBQ has come up with a concept to repurpose old used hockey sticks into usable grilling instruments such as tongs, spatulas, brushes, forks and bottle openers. As stated, each item is made utilizing hockey sticks for the handle material making each tool somewhat unique. Hat Trick BBQ has several offerings on their site from a single bottle opener priced at $10 to a five piece set for $60. So, if you just need to have some stick time in the summer check them out.

HookUp quick release mini clip lets you easily swap out items on your keychain


So, you like to carry all sorts of gadgets and gizmos on your key chain. You know the mini flashlight, the flash drive, even a USB to Micro USB charger. The problem is not carrying these items, but removing them from your key chain when you want to use them.The HookUp, a Kickstarter project from Magnus Macdonald and Cogent Industries hopes to be the solution to that problem. The HookUp quick release mini clip is a grade 5 Titanium clip approximately 1.181 inches long x 0.078 inches thick and weighs 0.038 ounces that makes it easy to attach and remove items from your key chain or anything else you want to clip things too. The HookUp features a unique lever design that allows easy removal from whatever it is attached to. The Titanium material it is made out of means it should not lose its tension so it will not come off accidentally. The HookUp has several pledge options with a $29 ($35 NZD) getting you one HookUp with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Funding for this project runs through July 15, 2014 and if successful will ship in the September 2014 time frame.

MuseMini ClipR review

MuseMini ClipR-1

We all probably have our favorite pair of headphones/earphones that we like to use with our smart devices. The problem I find is that I am often in situations that make it hard to use my headphones/earphones with my smart device. Situations like working out or traveling when I don’t want my cord to dangle all over the place, or I want to keep my smart device packed away and secure. MuseMini had the same thought and designed the ClipR, a Bluetooth device that allows you use your headphones/earphones in almost any situation.

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