If you’re looking for a unique wallet, the ParaWallet easily fits that category. It’s a wallet made with over 50 feet of paracord. Chances are if you read this site, you already know what paracord is, but just in case you don’t, it’s a very strong multi-stranded cord that is very popular with survivalists because… Read More

The Para-Claw bracelet from Outdoor Edge may look like a regular paracord bracelet, but the clip that secures the bracelet on your wrist holds a stainless steel 1.5” hawkbill blade.  To use the blade, just remove the Para-Claw bracelet from your wrist and use the bracelet as the knife handle. Grooves on the top edge of… Read More

Survival tools run the gamut from a pocket knife to axes and even beyond. I don’t know if there is any real definition of what a survival tool is, so I guess it comes down to what an individual would consider to be a survival tool. With that in mind Off Grid Tools has offered… Read More

The Trucker’s Friend is a tough, all-purpose tool that was designed for truckers, but it looks perfect for walker (zombie) head splitting, nail pulling, tree chopping, ice scraping, etc. This tool is made of heat treated steel with a shock absorbing fiberglass handle. It combines the essential functions of an axe, claw hammer, nail puller, crow bar… Read More

Looking for some new tactical gear for the next time evildoers have you in their clutches? First of all, you’re hanging around with the wrong crowd if this happens to you a lot. But I digress. Check out these shoelaces from ITS Tactical. Who cares about shoelaces you say. You do, when they are made… Read More You know those tags on your new clothes that you immediately rip off and throw in the garbage as soon as you get home? You won’t want to do that when you buy gear from Columbia Sportswear. The outdoor gear manufacturer is turning the paper tags that traditionally include washing and garment care instructions… Read More

As many of you may know, I am a sucker for card size tools. I have reviewed and posted news stories on several throughout my years with The Gadgeteer, so it takes something a little different to catch my eye. The Readyman Wilderness Survival Card is that product. The Readyman Wilderness Survival Card is a… Read More

I love multi-tasking gadgets and devices, but I really love multi-tasking devices that include survival/EDC elements. The Jackfish Survival credit card holder, a current Kickstarter project is an interesting concept with both a survival and EDC component. Made of either aluminum or Titanium, the Jackfish is 8.5 mm (.334 inches) thick and uses a spring… Read More

With the fears of bad things happening on the increase, it is only natural that people want to do more to be prepared for almost any situation. With that in mind, the folks at TIHK have developed the Escape Stick. We are aware of TIHK from a news article that was published on The Gadgeteer… Read More

Preparedness seems to be on the minds and hearts of an increasing number of folks these days. Whether you are a “prepper” getting ready for the doomsday scenario, a back-country hiker or a suburban warrior, an entire industry has been built around survival and preparedness. It’s not always easy to carry survival gear with us… Read More

Fire, one of man’s greatest achievements, not because we invented it, but more for how we have tamed it throughout the years (except for maybe that Nero/Rome thing and that cow in Chicago). But, when it comes to making fire, especially in emergency survival situations, most of us would be lost. I am not saying… Read More

How many times do you need to use a flashlight only to discover that the batteries are dead or so drained that the light emitted from the flashlight is too dim to be of any use? The VuPoint kinetic emergency flashlight sounds like a wonderful alternative to traditional flashlights that use standard batteries. The VuPoint… Read More

The Lil Trucker is a current Kickstarter project.  This multi-tool is designed by firefighters and built in the US.  You can see from the image that it packs a lot of functionality in a small space.  It has rescue tools – a belt cutter and a window breaker – to get you out of a… Read More

   Do you have a bugout bag prepared for the zombocalypse or alien invasion? Every family has someone who is a hardcore doomsday prepper. While the rest of the family might roll their eyes, having a go bag or collection of gear for a potential emergency isn’t a dumb idea. Tornado, ice storms and hurricanes… Read More

This post is brought to you by eBay. All opinions are 100% mine. September is Emergency Preparedness month, and it’s time to think about what you and your family will do if disaster strikes.  Not all emergencies are of the end-0f-the-world or zombie-apocalypse scale.  They can be on a smaller scale, but just as potentially… Read More