This wrist strap can help you escape from cars and bad guys

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NEWS – If you’re a JIC (just-in-case) kind of person, then the GTFO bracelet will appeal to you. It looks like a trendy/hipster bracelet, but it’s actually a 2-in-1 survival tool. It has a small tungsten stryker bead that can break side and rear vehicle tempered safety glass windows by pulling the bead back like a slingshot and letting it smack the window to shatter it. The bracelet also features a handcuff key. The GTFO bracelets are available in several colors and are priced at $20.79 from and if all you want is the glass breaker feature, you can buy similar bracelets on Amazon for less than $10.

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8 thoughts on “This wrist strap can help you escape from cars and bad guys”

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  2. Julie, I think it’s time we address the types of people you hang around with. If you are routinely getting shoved into trunks, and handcuffed against your will (I’m assuming it’s against your will, if not, hey no shaming here) enough to require these things, we need a good long talk about how to identify good and bad people.

    For the record, if you ever visit Detroit or Ann Arbor Michigan I promise not to handcuff you and toss you in a trunk.

    1. Honestly, if a handcuff key is useful you know it’s for play – any police or real bad guys these days will use zip-ties instead as they’re more effective and more convenient to carry.

  3. The bead could be a little nicer looking and not look like it came from Oh I don’t know the wheel of a cheap Bic lighter!!! that would be a nice change.

    1. After looking at it again. I am pretty sure that is exactly what it is. Hopefully it is a recycled cheap Bic lighter. That would at least make it moderately acceptable. But they could have at least buffed it out a bit.

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