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ARTICLE – It’s that time of year at The Gadgeteer to write about what gear we are using in 2022. I decided to do a somewhat different twist on an office tour. Since my home is small, I don’t have a dedicated office/workspace. Instead, I turned my bedroom into a room that serves as a home office, man cave, and 3D print workspace. So let’s take a short tour of my small do-it-all space.

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I’ll start my little impromptu tour with the space where I write and edit my reviews for The Gadgeteer, my bed. But, using the CYWORX portable desk turns it into an instant workspace. The CYWORX portable desk consists of 3 pieces. A bamboo desktop, and 2 memory foam support cushions. The desktop has plenty of room for all of the devices. Those devices include my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 13 Pro Max. And I even have room for a beverage. The desk is completely portable and can be tucked away when not in use. Saving space in an already cramped room. 

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My nightstand doubles as a charging station for my iPhone and Apple Watch. I reviewed the Nomad Base Station Apple Watch edition back in 2019. I still use it every day to charge my iPhone, and it is the nightly home for my Apple Watch. 

Man Cave area

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For obvious reasons, this is my favorite area of the room and consists of a 65″ LG CX OLED television and a PS5. The TV has an outstanding picture with infinite blacks and great color. And it is the perfect companion for the PS5. Even at the age of 54, I enjoy gaming, and the PS5 takes that to a whole new level. And it is a perfect way to unwind or let off some stress after a long day. 

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When gaming, I use the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core wireless gaming headset. The headset provides great comfort and audio quality. And I like the immersion I get from wearing a headset. As opposed to the audio from my soundbar. 

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To enjoy watching tv or gaming in comfort, I use the AndaSeat Jungle series gaming chair. AndaSeat sent me the chair to review in 2021. I love the adjustable comfort of the chair, and the rubber-coated castors make it easy to maneuver, even on carpet. Needless to say, I have spent countless hours in this chair gaming, watching tv, and even stealing a catnap now and then.

3D printing workspace

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This is the newest area in the room. I received the Voxelab Aquila S2 3D printer a couple of months ago. I was excited to finally review a 3D printer, but I was concerned about where to put it. I researched all types of desks but couldn’t find one that would provide a good work area in the limited space I have. Luckily, I came across a DIY 3D printer enclosure on YouTube. The enclosure is made using three inexpensive Lack tables from Ikea, acrylic sheets, and some 3D printed parts. It was easy to assemble and relatively inexpensive. More importantly, its vertical build gives me plenty of work area and storage without taking up a lot of space. I also added a color-changing LED light strip to illuminate the printer and give the enclosure a cool look. As for the Aquila S2, it is a great 3D printer. It’s easy to use and produces consistently good models. I’ve been using it almost every day since I got it and now have a fun new hobby. 

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Well, there it is, a short tour of my small office, uh man cave, err 3D print, oh whatever, you get the point. The space may be small, but I spend 90% of my time in it when I’m home. And it is nice to have a do-it-all space, no matter how small it is.  

When you’re done reading this article, go check out the rest of the Gadgeteer team’s favorite gear of 2022 articles.

6 thoughts on “Gadgeteer team – gear we’re using in 2022 (Michael Strange)”

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  2. Michael, Couple of comments. First when I saw the picture of your work table I thought it was some plywood and cinderblocks until I read you review. Also, Based on your review of the Aquila S2 I purchased one and also have had it working non-stop. I read all the reviews of the older models and this one seem to work the best. Thanks!

    1. Carl,
      I never realized how much the desk looks like 2 cinder blocks before, very funny. Thanks for reading my Aquila S2 review. I am glad you like it as much as I do. Keep on reading and happy printing!

  3. Can you list prices IN the article when items are mentioned? “Relatively inexpensive” says nothing and affiliate links I get but unless buying that item Im not clicking them since there’s popups already generating “PPC” (penny per click) or more…..on the page/article. I also thought those were cinder blocks for the lap desk lol.

    1. Noone,
      As far as the prices for building the enclosure the Ikea Lack tables were $10 each, the acrylic sheets were $20 each, and the Govee 16.4ft LED strip light was $33. There are less expensive strip lights you can purchase, I just liked these. As far as the connectors and latches are concerned they were all printed on the Aquila S2 3D printer. Hopefully, this answers your question.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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