The ripSPOOL is the pocket sewing, fishing, fire making kit for your EDC

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NEWS – Exotac’s ripSPOOL packs a sail needle and over 60 feet of 30lb braided line that you can use to repair/re-stitch torn gear, and you can also use it as an emergency fishing kit (you’ll need to supply the hooks yourself though). The ripSPOOL also includes over 50 inches of repair tape that you can use to lash things together or as an emergency bandage. It’s even flammable, so it can be used as tinder along with the Firecord lanyard that has a flammable inner core (you’ll need your own Ferro rod though). Want to add a ripSPOOL to your collection of EDC gear? Then head over to where you can buy one for $32.95 or Amazon where it’s only $28.

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