Universal stand

I like accessories that have more than one use or can be used with more than one device. The new Satechi R1 Aluminum foldable stand is just such an accessory. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. This universal stand can position devices in multiple ways to provide the best viewing experience for watching videos… Read More

Have you ever found yourself needing to view your mobile device hands-free? Maybe you’re at a coffee shop enjoying a cup of joe and a scone, but also want to watch a video while you’re eating and drinking. The Tiltcard is a credit card sized steel stand that props up your smartphone or small tablet… Read More

We review a lot of backup batteries, but this might be the first one I’ve seen that has a built-in adjustable device holder. The Podium Style Stand features a 10,500 mAh backup battery with two USB ports so that it can recharge two devices at once. The backup battery has enough capacity to supply 200%… Read More

  There are many types of stands for tablets. Some are a single angle, built for either reading and movies, or for typing and heads-down work.  Others (such as those from Apple and the kickstands on Microsoft’s Surface) mandate that you cannot change the orientation – it’s horizontal (usually), and that cannot be changed. But… Read More

I am a big iPad user. It is my main device for writing. So, when I updated to a new iPad Air, I found myself looking for new accessories to use with it. I was especially looking for a new mobile stand. In my search I happened across the Compass 2 from a company called… Read More

Pegboard is a great substrate for building tool and utensil organizers, and it seems to be the inspiration for this little multi-purpose stand from Federal Warehouse.  Peg is a dock for your phone, a display for your jewelry or accessories, a desktop organizer, or whatever you can dream up.  The body is made of aluminum, and… Read More

The Wedge from ToddyGear is a multipurpose gadget.  It’s a microfiber screen cleaner – plush on one side to clean your screen and silky on the other side to polish the screen.  It even has a antimicrobial agent to prevent growth of mold and mildew.  This little beanbag can also serve as a stand for… Read More

Of all the device stands I’ve seen, nothing is as unique as the Lethal Protection Life Phorm device holder.  The six posable legs allow you to position your tablet, smartphone or camera in many creative ways.  Let’s take a closer look. The Life Phorm comes folded up in the box. Life Phorm, folded… It’s alive… Read More