Lethal Protection Life Phorm device holder review

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Of all the device stands I’ve seen, nothing is as unique as the Lethal Protection Life Phorm device holder.  The six posable legs allow you to position your tablet, smartphone or camera in many creative ways.  Let’s take a closer look.

The Life Phorm comes folded up in the box.

Life Phorm, folded…

It’s alive!

Each leg has several joints that can be individually adjusted for tension.  The hooked “foot” is slightly softer than the rest of the body.

The mounting system consists of two brackets.  The large one unfolds to accomodate larger devices, such as a tablet.

The included set screw attaches the brackets to the Life Phorm.

Apple iPad attached to the Life Phorm.

iPad standing up on it’s on with help from the Life Phorm.  Hello!

Another way to tilt the iPad, for movie viewing.

Another position, slightly lower angle.

The bracket also accommodates smartphones as well.  Here’s the iPhone 5.

The Life Phorm’s set screw also happens to be the standard thread for a camera.

Holds a point and shoot with ease on the back of my office chair.  I was surprised that this worked, but it did!  Try THAT with a tripod.

No doubt, the Life Phorm looks and acts like nothing else.  It’s a tablet and smartphone stand!  It’s a camera support!  The ability to hang off odd surfaces like the back of a chair was a neat party trick.  I did find that I spent quite a bit of time fiddling with the six legs to get things “just right”.

The two-part bracket and set screw method of holding smartphones and tablets does not make the Life Phorm a particularly rapid way to insert/remove gadgets.  I’m not sure I’d make it my main “desktop cradle” where I’d place my phone down and pick it back up.  Might be better suited to someone who leaves a phone/tablet in place for longer stretches of time, say, for movie viewing or video chat.

And of course, the Life Phorm is just flat-out cool looking.

“Get it off me!”

Product Information

Price:$69.99 MSRP
Manufacturer:Lethal Protection
  • Fits most smartphones, tablets and cameras out of the box.
  • Nearly unlimited ways to position your gadgetry.
  • You'll probably play with the "legs" a whole lot.
  • A little big to toss in a camera bag.
  • Not for those with who are squeamish about bugs.

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