It’s not fondue, it’s the Fondoodler

Alright, I must admit that when I saw this product I said to myself, “WHY”. But as I thought about it for a minute (maybe three) I said: “why not”. I am of course talking about the Fondoodler.

The Fondoodler is described as a hot glue gun, but for cheese. You have to admire folks who want to help us play with our food. Designed to melt the cheese that you load into its canister, the Fondoodler puts out a stream of hot gooey cheese onto anything you can imagine.

In all honesty, I do see a practical side to this device, if you are a can cheese lover this may be a higher class alternative. So, if you are looking to have fun with your cheese, check out the Fondoodler either on their web page for $30 or on Amazon for $29.95.

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