It looks like a canteen but it’s a goblet too

Sometimes you need a bottle and sometimes you need a cup. Why own one of each when the Pint from Stable Goods Company will do the work of both vessels?

The Pint is an insulated double walled bottle made of food grade stainless steel on the inside and a granite like coating on the outside.

The cap is BPA free and opens so you can use the Pint like an ordinary bottle.

But when you’d rather drink your favorite beverage from a cup, the base can be removed, flipped over and attached to the cap to create a pedestal. Nifty! The Pint is priced at $32. Find out more at and Amazon.

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  • John Kes September 11, 2017, 6:58 pm

    That’s nice for a long hike, after I drink up my water, then want a swig of something cold and refreshing at the end. That assumes hiking to a destination that has something cold to drink.

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