Nitecore MH12GTS flashlight review

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NITECORE Flashlight 11
REVIEW – I have no clue how many flashlights I currently own and how many I have purchased over the years. What I do know is that many of them have advertised as being tough enough to handle daily abuse and to have adequate light settings and options for every need. Any flashlight that hangs out in the gear bag of a photographer/videographer will go through its share of abuse. I need a flashlight that can “take a licking and keep on ticking”. The Nitecore MH12GTS flashlight promises to do just that. Let’s see what first impression it leaves me with.

What is it?

The Nitecore MH12GTS flashlight is an 1800 lumen long throw beam rechargeable flashlight. Its features include 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes, and it is waterproof and submersible to be compatible with both indoor and outdoor applications.

What’s in the box

NITECORE Flashlight 8
1 x Nitecore MH12GTS Flashlight
1 x NL1835HP 3500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x Belt Holster
1 x Pocket Clip
1 x Tactical Ring
1 x Lanyard
1 x Spare O-ring
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Warranty Card

Design and features


  • Maximum output of 1800 lumens with 247 yards of throw
  • 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes (strobe, SOS, Beacon)
  • Direct access to Turbo and Ultralow mode
  • Tactical tail switch and metal side switch allow for easy one-hand operation
  • Built-in charging via micro-USB port
  • NL 1835HP 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery included

Maximum Brightness: 1800 lumens
Peak Beam Distance: 247 yards
Peak Beam Intensity: 12760 cd
IP Rating: IPX8 – 2m waterproof and submersible
Impact Resistance: 1m
Weight: 3.51oz

Brightness Outputs

Turbo 1800 lumens 30 min
High 900 lumens 2 hr 15 min
Mid 240 lumens 5 hr 45 min
Low 70 lumens 19 hr
Ultralow 1 lumen 250 hr

This Nitecore flashlight is all metal and ruggedly built. On the side, there is a selector switch that is used to select the light intensity and modes.
NITECORE Flashlight 5
Also around the side of the flashlight, there is the brand and model number. In the photo below above the brand, you can see the installed tactical ring.
NITECORE Flashlight 4
The photo below shows the pocket clip attached to the flashlight.
NITECORE Flashlight 6
On the bottom of the flashlight, there is the micro USB charging port with a waterproof cover. The is also the on/off switch next to the charging port.
NITECORE Flashlight 2
NITECORE Flashlight 10
For recharging, you simply plug the micro USB cable into the charging port and the other end of the cable to a compatible power supply.
NITECORE Flashlight 7
The flashlight fits neatly and securely into the belt holster so that you can include it with your EDC devices.
NITECORE Flashlight 9


Right out of the box, this flashlight feels well built and of good quality. Charging it is very easy by simply removing the waterproof charging port cover and plugging the micro USB charging cable in and the other end of the cable to a power source. There is a blue LED on the back that blinks until the flashlight it charged and then it stays solid blue once fully charged. It is that simple and then it is ready for use. The light intensity selection is great and at the highest intensity, the light throw is incredible. Having the option to choose from multiple levels of intensity is great. For example, double pressing the selection button puts it in strobe mode and results in a blinding strobe light. Here is a quick demo fo the light intensity levels and the strobe:

What I like

  • The built quality
  • The light selection options
  • The rechargeable option
  • The included belt holder/case

What can be improved

  • So far it does exactly what it is supposed to do

Final thoughts

The Nitecore MH12GTS flashlight is well built, and so far I am very pleased with it. It provides more than enough light for various applications and seems like it will withstand the abuse that is an inherent part of being a resident of my gear bag. The belt pouch is strong and will serve that purpose well, albeit not the way I will carry the flashlight. I give Nitecore two thumbs up for this one!!

Price: $99.95
Where to buy: Nitecore
Sample: The sample for his review was provided by Nitecore

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  2. 247 yards of throw? I’ve often wondered what statements like this mean. It can’t be that the beam stops dead at that distance like a light-saber. So is there a standard way of measuring it?

    1. There is: It’s the distance away at which the light intensity drops to 0.25 candela. It’s affected by the brightness of the light, and how focused it is. Tighter focus = longer throw, for the same brightness. (But on the other hand, it’ll be lighting up a smaller area.)

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