Want a pet but are always on the go? Sony reintroduces the AIBO

I remember back in 1989 when Sony introduced the first AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) to the world, I thought wow I wish I could get one of those. Sadly after about six years and several iterations of the AIBO Sony discontinued the manufacturing of the AIBO. If you missed your chance to get an AIBO during the 90s and 2000s, Sony has announced the reintroduction of the AIBO. The new AIBO has a refined look from the older model but still functions on the same premise of learning through interaction with its owners. The new AIBO model ERS-1000 has a 64bit Quad-Core CPU, OLED eyes, 4 microphones and 2 cameras, it is also cute. The new AIBO is scheduled to be released January 11, 2018, for a price of approximately $1745.85 (¥198000) and you will need a basic 3-year service plan (this is used to update and grow the AIBO) that will cost approximately $793.57 (¥90000). If you want to check out this new AIBO hop on over to the AIBO Sony website.

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