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Keep an eye on your MPG with the ScanGauge II

Here’s another product to add to your Earth Day shopping list. It’s the ScanGauge II from Linear Logic. It’s a trip computer for your car that provides a realtime miles per gallon display. It’s almost like having a Kill-A-Watt Electricity Monitor for your car. The Digital Gauges give you realtime data for your vehicle and …

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iVoice R1 Bluetooth Car Kit Review

Despite my extra geekiness and my affinity for electronic gadgets and toys, I only very recently acquired a cell phone with bluetooth. I’d been using a Motorola V325 with Verizon for three years (try this – they’ll start begging you to upgrade to a new phone a few months after your “New every two” date), …

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Griffin RoadTrip FM Transmitter Review

Unless your car has an integrated iPod / iPhone dock, pretty much the only other ways to listen to tunes through your vehicle’s speakers is with a line-in connector or an FM transmitter. Line-in connectors mean cables. FM transmitters are wireless. Most people probably won’t argue with me when I say that anything wireless is …

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NanoLite Stick-on Key Light Review

If you’ve ever found yourself fumbling around in the dark, trying to find a keyhole with a key, I have a tiny gadget just for you. It’s the NanoLite from January Innovations. It actually claims to be the world’s smallest adhesive light. I’ve tried one for the past week. Let’s see if it has managed …

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Houdini Automotive Escape Tool Review

Every so often, I’ll hear a story on the news about someone getting trapped in their vehicle after an accident. We’ve probably all wondered what we would do in a situation like that. I have something to show you today that will make you feel more confident the next time you wonder how you would …

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Merconnet Car Message Sign Review

I don’t know about you, but I’m…shall we say…a bit of an aggressive driver. Sometimes. My last car was a Pontiac Grand Prix GT in “arrest me” red, which didn’t remotely help with my penchant for speed on the interstate. I’m sure you all have had one or two experiences with rude gestures or people …

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Garage Laser Parking System Review

I love anything that helps me maximize space in my house especially in those areas where space is somewhat limited, as is the situation in my garage. We essentially have a 2-1/2 car garage but with a full-size sedan and a mini-van plus my tools, kids’ toys and other miscellaneous items space can become sparse rather quickly.

Weiguo Solutions Spotlight LED Flashlight

Last year I reviewed the Coast LED Lenser Auto LED (TT7575), a nifty little LED flashlight specifically designed to fit in your car’s 12V power port (cigarette lighter socket). Like anything that is new and useful, imitations start to appear. Today I want to show you the Spotlight LED flashlight from Weiguo Solutions. Let’s see if this little flashlight is either a lame copy of the original, or a much better version.

Southwing SH505 Bluetooth Headset and SC310 Bluetooth Car Kit

As of July 1st, Washington State is mandating the use of hands-free devices
while driving. This law makes it illegal to have a cellphone up to your ear
while driving a vehicle. So Bluetooth cellphone accessories are becoming more
and more the rage (when little old ladies are wearing them at the shopping mall,
you know a technology has left geekdom and hit the mainstream). Southwing
has created several in-the-ear and hands-free speakerphone car kit options enabling
you to focus on driving while talking on your cellphone. In this article I will
be reviewing one of each type by Southwing, the SH505
Bluetooth headset
and the SC310
Bluetooth car kit

Delphi NAV200 GPS

The NAV200 Portable GPS Navigation from Delphi is a GPS device that will not only help you arrive at your desired destination, but it will also provide some extra features when you aren’t using it to guide your travels.