Coast LED Lenser Auto LED (TT7575)

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How many of you keep a flashlight in the glove compartment of your car? Ok, now how many of you ever remember to charge / change
the batteries in those flashlights regularly? Me neither. Kind of defeats the purpose of having it there in the first
place doesn’t it? ;o) Coast Products has just come out with the Auto LED (TT7575CP). Sent to me by Discount LED Lights and Knives, this is a cool little LED flashlight for your vehicle that is always
juiced up and ready for use because it stores in a 12V cigarette lighter socket and charges while your car is running.

coast 7575 1

Flashlight Specs

Light type: Nicha LED
Bulb: .26 watt/5.6 Lumens
Lens: Glass (“Moon” lens)
Reflector: Crystal Reflector Tube System
Beam type: Circular
Case type: Metal
Powered by: 1 NI-MH RoHS 4.8v 20mAh battery (included)
Water resistant?: No
Size: 1.9in length
Weight (with batteries): 9.4oz

coast 7575 3
coast 7575 4

This little flashlight immediately reminded me of a stubbier version of the Coast LED Lenser V6 Stainless Steel 6 Chip model that I reviewed a couple of months ago. Like that flashlight, this one is made of brushed stainless steel that gives it a very sleek look.

This one doesn’t have a power switch though… instead you have to twist the head to turn on the light. This action is a little difficult given the fact that the barrel of the flashlight is very smooth metal. I really wish there was an actual switch, which would make things easier.

coast 7575 5

The barrel of the Auto LED unscrews to reveal an interesting little battery. Looks like an electrolytic capacitor to me. This little NiMH battery is charged using your vehicle’s 12V power port (cigarette lighter).

coast 7575 8
coast 7575 9

When you plug the light into the socket with the lens facing out, it’s ready to charge. Depending on your vehicle, the sockets may only charge while your vehicle is actually running… As it charges, the light will glow a faint Blue (shown in the image above on the right). I had some issues getting the Auto LED to charge in my 2006 Mazda 3. It fit in the 12V socket just fine, but would require some jiggling for the LED to glow Blue. I also tried the light in a 2007 Kia Sorento, which seemed to work much better. The 12V port on this vehicle is powered all the time, so even with the engine shut off, the Auto LED charges. Lastly, I tried it in my 1991 GMC Sonoma pickup truck. The cigarette lighter socket was way too large for the barrel of the flashlight to make contact with the sides of the socket…

coast 7575 2

That’s why there’s an adapter included with the flashlight (shown above). Unfortunately, the adapter was then too BIG for the socket in my truck. I wasn’t aware that there was such a range in socket sizes… It’s important to realize that the Auto LED might not be compatible with your vehicle (even with the adapter).

coast 7574 10

AUTO LED next to my OEM lighter.

coast 7575 6

In use, the Auto LED has a strong little circular beam that makes it perfect for reading a map in the dark or for finding objects in the dark recesses of an unlit glove box or trunk. You’ll never want to use this flashlight as your main method of illumination, but for those tasks just mentioned, it performs very well.

coast 7575 7

The Coast LED Lenser Auto LED (TT7575) will only set you back $20. Not bad price to pay for a little flashlight that is always close at hand, always charged and ready for action.


Product Information

Retailer:Discount LED Lights and Knives
  • 12V vehicle power socket (cigarette lighter socket)
  • Small and sleek
  • Can be stored in 12V socket all the time
  • Charges in 12V socket
  • Might not fit in cigarette lighter socket even with adapter
  • Difficult to turn head to power on light

10 thoughts on “Coast LED Lenser Auto LED (TT7575)”

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  2. Do the overall dimensions match those of an OEM lighter? I’m wondering if it will allow the door to the ashtray on my ’05 Subaru Outback to close. Neat concept.

  3. Julie,

    I looked at a light in WalMart automotive section (a couple of weeks ago), that appeared to be the same as this one. I would have bought it, but for the ‘fine print’ that stated: “Do not leave this light plugged into an auto cigarette lighter. On completion of charging the light must be removed to avoid overcharging the battery”.

    In this day and age of circuitry that turns off a charge when the battery reaches capacity, I was stunned to see that model lost it’s usefulness for me with the limitation! Does your light’s packaging have that statement?

    Thanks, Razor

  4. mber:

    The size of the Auto LED is actually a bit shorter than my OEM lighter. Your question prompted me to take a picture comparing the two. I’ve added it to the review…


    Actually, my packaging says that you can leave it plugged into the socket all the time if you like. The exact wording is: “The LED LENSER can stay in the cigarette lighter all the time. To preserve the capacity of the accumulator for a long life you should recharge the lamp completely at least after two months”.

  5. Well my LED Lenser stopped charging and on inspection the battery is duff — bulging at both ends a bit — can I find a 4.8V 20mAH Ni-MH battery anywhere — no!
    And, the torch itself is a loose fit in my car aux socket and the adapter ring is too big.
    Apart from that, using a double aux socket, fits OK but liek I said, battery is duff and nowhere to get replacement.
    Looks cool though.

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