BrickHouse Security Wi-Spi EX30 Nightvision Camcorder w/ Wireless Monitor Review

Gadgeteer HQ is located in the basement of my home. Several times a week, I’ll be working on a review and will hear someone walk across my front porch and then ring the door bell. Most of the time it is a UPS or FedEx person, but either way, it would be great to be …

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Retro twin-lens reflex camera that uses 35mm film

The Blackbird Camera from superheadz is a twin-lens reflex camera: one lens is used to expose the film, while the other is used like a viewfinder. This style of camera which goes back to the 1920s, typically uses larger 120 format film. The blackbird, fly uses 35mm film – which can be processed at any …

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Klegg Electronics Genesis V1803 Camcorder

Are you looking for a really compact digital video camera that does even more than record video? How about one that can also take still pictures (ok, that’s not revolutionary in a camcorder), read ebooks, play MP3 music, take voice notes, and even play games. The Klegg Electronics V1803 has all of those features. Let’s see how well it performs.

Samsung Progressive HD Camcorder SC-HMX10C

In the two years since I reviewed the
Sanyo VPC-HD1 camcorder, I’ve been using it as my main method of capturing video. I love it for its size and ease of use, but have always been disappointed at its low light performance. Since I don’t include a video spot in all the reviews I do, I just kept putting up with the Sanyo instead of replacing it. That changed recently when the folks at Samsung invited me to review their SC-HMX10C Progressive HD camcorder. I’ve been using this camera for several weeks now, so let’s take a closer look….

Epson PictureMate Dash (PM 260) Portable Photo Lab

It’s strange, but in all the years that I’ve been using digital cameras, I find that I rarely print out my photos. I usually just copy them into a folder on my computer and look at them from time to time, or post some of them to my flickr account. Although I have a perfectly nice full-sized color printer (Canon Pixma iP6000D), I have always found it a pain to use for small 4×6 sized snapshot prints. That’s why I was curious when I was approached by Epson to review their PictureMate Dash PM 260 Personal Photo Lab photo printer. I wasn’t sure if this printer would make me excited to print photos, or if I would continue to snap and file as before.

Sanyo VPC-HD1 Digital Movie Camera

A couple months ago, I was been bitten by the video bug when I started watching Josh Leo’s Vlog. This guy makes some really great videos and they inspired me to try my hand at doing the same thing. Well, not really the same thing, because I didn’t start an actual Vlog. When I get …

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CooLanyard Digi-Grip Camera Finger Ring

If you aren’t the type that likes to wear your camera on a neck-strap, a wrist strap is always an option. But what if a wrist strap isn’t quite what you want to wear either? Well, there is always the Digi-Grip offered by established eBay store owner Julian Harrison.  According to his eBay auctions, “If …

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Ideative easySD Card

Product Requirements: Device: Any device that can accommodate an SD card, or any USB port Ideative Inc., the company that brought us the FlexUSB doo-hickey, are now offering 128mb SD cards. These aren’t ordinary SD cards though… These cards have a built in USB connector, alleviating the need for a separate flash card reader. While …

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Think Tank Photo Speed Freak Beltpack Review

  When a photographer friend told me that new camera bag company Think Tank Photo was allowing professionals and serious amateurs to test drive its products, I had to jump at the chance. The test drive gives certain photographers a month to decide whether they want to purchase the bag or send it back. Think …

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G-Clip Cam Stand Review

Photographers like their gadgets just as much as the rest of us. Here’s a clever little tool from Brando that would be a welcome addition to your favorite shutterbug’s gear bag. The G-Clip Cam Stand is a more feature rich version of the ClamperPod that was reviewed here last year. The concept is pretty much the same as the ClamperPod. The …

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Octave Systems, Inc. Multipod 5 in 1 Review

Product Requirements: Web Cam mode: USB port, MS Windows 98SE (install USB driver), WinME, Win2000, WinXP OS with DirectX 8.1 or later     Graphics Adapter capable of 800×600 resolution, 64k colors     Pentium II 266, with 64MB RAM (Win 98/ME), or 128MB RAM (Win2K/XP) Pen Drive Mode: MS Win 98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP Updated 02/07/05 …

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QCool III On-The-Go USB Portable Card Reader / HD Case Review

Product Requirements: Device: Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Mac, and Linux machines with a free USB port Digital photographers have it made, they can snap as many pictures as they desire and never have to worry that the pictures they end up printing will not turn out as expected. While there are many advantages to going …

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