RoadWired Photo/Video Convertible Bag Review

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While ‘gearing up’ for our new photography business (Ayngelgraphics), my wife and I found
ourselves looking for a good camera bag. We think we found it in the Photo/Video
Convertible Bag from RoadWired.

The Photo/Video Convertible Bag is medium sized and made from 1050 Denier
Ballistic Nylon. RoadWired’s website specifies straps made of seatbelt-grade
webbing and these straps certainly look sturdy enough. The shoulder strap is
fully adjustable, with quick disconnects and sliding shoulder pad.

photovideo conv1

The pad, formed to fit comfortably on the shoulder, has three grip strips
underneath to help prevent slippage. In between the grip strips is a
moisture-wicking padded mesh which helps those of us who have a tendency to
sweat. My wife would like me to explain that I am the one who tends to perspire.

photovideo conv2

The shoulder straps attach to loops which are tied into another strap of the
same material which runs down the sides and across the bottom of the bag. This
feature should help the bag to maintain it’s shape over time.

photovideo conv3

The two treads on the bottom of the bag give it a stable base.

photovideo conv4

The bag also comes with a built-in belt made of seat-belt grade webbing that
converts the bag to a waistpack. Although this is not really my style, I tried
it out for the review. I may have to set aside my macho reservations and
actually strap this thing to my hip on a photo shoot. The belt stows away neatly
behind the webbing (also made of moisture-wicking material) that runs across the
back of the bag.

photovideo conv5

If the shoulder strap or belt do no work for you, the bag comes complete with a
rugged handle on top. The handle has a hard rubber insert which gives it a nice

The bag has two side pockets with triangular sides which fold out when the
pockets are opened. This feature prevented loose items from spilling out when we
opened the pockets.

photovideo conv6

A front pocket runs the width of the bag and, like the side pockets, also has
triangular sides.

photovideo conv7

The main compartment measures 6.5 inches deep and 6 x10 square padded. The bag
comes with five separators which allow you to separate the main compartment into
six fully adjustable smaller compartments.

photovideo conv8

The main compartment comes complete with a weather shield which can be rolled up
when not in use.

photovideo conv9

With all of these pockets, compartments and velcro straps, we were easily able
to stow all of our gear with room to spare. Below is an illustration of
everything we took with us on a recent wedding shoot (minus the camera used to
take this photo).

photovideo conv10

This bag was obviously designed with the photographer in mind. From the fully
adjustable inner compartments to the elastic loops inside roomy gear pockets on
the side, the bag is laid out perfectly for digital cameras and accessories. The
overall look of the bag is professional and stlylish. The overall dimensions are
12.5L x 8H x 7D and it weighs in at 3.5lb.

photovideo conv11

My wife and I both found this bag to be perfectly suitable for transporting our
equipment to weddings and outdoor location shoots. At $124.95, this bag runs a
little high for the typical consumer. Compared to other professional-grade bags,
the price runs toward the middle of the pack. The durable construction and
versatility make this bag a good buy.

Updates 06/17/15

Got too small so handed down to my girlfriend who still uses it for her video camera. Still a great small bag.


Product Information

  • Perfect size for digital cameras
  • Padded shoulder strap with grip strips
  • 15 elastic loops inside 3 roomy gear pockets
  • Up to 6 adjustable compartments in main bag
  • 3 flat zippered pockets (2 made of expandable webbed mesh)
  • Large single buckle for quick access to the main bag
  • Padded
  • A little pricey for consumers
  • Velcro (for Julie)

3 thoughts on “RoadWired Photo/Video Convertible Bag Review”

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  2. I wanted a bag that I could fit all of my necessary gadgets for my storm chasing trip this summer, and I went through many different bags before I found the Roadwired Photo/Video Convertible Bag. It was a combination of a post on Ebags about how good the bag is, your review and the fact that i was able to get the Platinum as a closeout color for $70 shipped.

    I got the bag last week and have adapted it to hold the following:

    Fujitsu P1120 mininotebook
    Sony TRV-22 camcorder
    Palm Power-To-Go recharger battery
    Canon S400 digital camera
    Kestrel 4000 weather gauge
    Casio TV-550 2.5″ LCD television

    Kenwood TH-F6A handheld ham radio
    Motorola USB-cell phone cable
    Standard Sony Handycam battery
    Canon S400, Sony TRV-22, Palm Travel and Motorola Phone chargers, in the mesh pocket on the inside mesh pocket of the front pocket, the other items are in the securing loops on the main body inside the front pocket.

    Motorola V60i phone
    PalmOne Zire 71 PDA in flipcase
    Pentax 7X21 monocular
    Three AA batteries

    Power cable and AC adapter for laptop
    two 128 MB CF cards
    Canon S400 spare battery

    4 MiniDV tapes

    Olympus Pearlcorder L200 pocket cassette recorder
    earbud headphones

    Now THAT’S a lot of gadgetry for one bag that is 12.5″ X 7″ X 8″!!!! Now I can access anything I need whenver I want it.

    When I get on the van to go chasing, I will pull the gadgets I need fastest access to and put them in the myriad pockets in my Uncle Milty’s travel vest. I can fit my camera and camcorder stuff quite nicely and access them instantly.


  3. I’m glad you liked the bag. This is still my primary camera bag. I obviously need to go shopping. You have a lot more cool stuff to carry in yours.

    My wife and I liked the bag so much, we purchased another bag from Road Wired — The Photo/Video System Bag. This is a nice bag, as well, but we wish we would have just purchased another Photo/Video Convertible bag. The layout is better for accessing and organizing camera equipment. We appreciate the single buckle securing the flap over the main compartment more now that we have dealt with the two buckles on the other bag. :rolleyes:

    Fortunately for me, my wife has agreed to carry the new bag.:o

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