Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-11-24

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Holiday Giblets

Although Thanksgiving day isn't until Thursday, this past weekend began my series of holiday gatherings. I was able to retain my Coolest Aunt Ever title by showing my 10yr old niece the Florida vacation slide show that I created using Photo Story 2. Actually, I think she was more impressed with Mini-me (Fujitsu P2110 notebook) than the pictures. Next came a demonstration of my iPod… That was a mistake, as now I've been told that I can buy her one for Christmas. Luckily, I was able to get her mind on other things by giving her my Sony DSC U-20 camera to document the festivities.


For everyone out there that is still compiling their holiday menu items, here is a beverage that might be of interest. Turkey & Gravy flavored soda from Jone's Soda.



Judie and I will be posting our annual holiday review bundle on Wednesday of this week. As we have done in the last couple of years, we will each post several reviews of products that we feel might make good gift ideas for those special Gadgeteers on your list.

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