Volare-HK Nightlights Bluetooth Lightspeaker review

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The box is titled “START HERE ROMANTIC LIFE”. Romance in a box? It it really that simple?

Inside the box is a nifty little Bluetooth speaker with a very nice dimmable, changeable, LED light.   The Amazon item title is more specific and quite a bit longer; “Nightlights for Kids, Dimmable Table Lamps, Touch Control LED Night Lights with Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, Alarm Clock, Dynamic Color Changing Mode, Speakerphone, TF Card Supported”.   This title practically eliminates the need for further description since it covers all the functions.   The Bluetooth connection label on my iPhone is simply “Lightspeaker L2+”.  Since there are so many products that combine a light and speaker, I suppose they had to pick a more distinctive name.  For the sake of simplicity and space, I’ll refer to this product as the “Volare-HK Lightspeaker”.

The Volare-HK Lightspeaker comes with a User Manual and a USB charging cable.


The Lightspeaker is a white cylinder that is 4.25” tall and 3” (about the size of a 15 oz can of soup but a fraction of the weight), with a flat “button” on top that can control the light and turn off the alarm. Four small buttons near the bottom of the cylinder offer control for sound, Bluetooth, and light colors.


Five buttons on the underside of the cylinder control time and alarm setting, the sleep timer and the on/off.


The speaker grill is on the bottom of the cylinder and has a slot for the TF card (AKA, micro SD card) and the USB charging cable.


The whole raison d’être for this little gizmo is to entertain with music and light.  Does it hit its mark?

I tested the speaker by comparing it to several other Bluetooth speakers in my collection and I was surprised at how favorably it compared.  My Jawbone Jambox and Vizio soundbar were undeniably better, with a bigger, richer sound and more bass. My other smaller and cheaper speakers sounded noticeably worse. Even at full volume I didn’t detect the distortions I can hear on my cheaper portable speakers. I think the Volare-HK Lightspeaker sound quality is quite good for the price.

The light show is also enjoyable. You can choose between 4 levels of a soft white glow or a gradual color display, softly transitioning through red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The Volare-HK Lightspeaker also has a clock, stuck in 24-hour format, and an alarm. When the alarm goes off, the light comes on and a pleasant little 8 note tune gets progressively louder and definitely less pleasant – intentionally I’m sure. Tapping the top button turns off the alarm tune.  There is no option of using music to wake up, either with Bluetooth or the micro SD card.

When the mirco SD card is in place you can play the music on the card sequentially only, with the +/- buttons allowing forward/backward movement.  There is no random play function with the SD card. A Bluetooth connection will override the micro SD card. You’ll have to disconnect or turn off the Bluetooth device to play from the micro SD.  The sleep function works well using the SD card.

Romantic? Good luck with that. I’d want a nice glass of Cabernet to go with it.  Another idea might be to use it to soothe and entertain the baby while a little romance goes on in the other room.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Volare-HK. Please visit their Amazon store for more info.


Product Information

  • Bluetooth compatible device; iPhone, iPad, Android
  • and/or Micro SD card
  • Attractive light
  • Matte white plastic and silicon casing is elegant and durable
  • Decent sound for the size and price
  • 20-minute sleep timer with decreasing volume and light shut off
  • Wireless. Can also be used while plugged into a USB charger
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Clock is only 24 hour format
  • Clock goes off when the Lightspeaker sleep timer goes off
  • Alarm doesn't have a snooze button

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