Crayola turns your child’s doodles into stuffed toys

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When I was a kid I loved to draw and doodle. I still have some of the superhero and monster magazines I drew back then. The picture above of the bespeckled kid reminds me of me! I would have loved to have a stuffed toy made from one of my drawings. Forty years ago that wasn’t an option (yes, I’m old!) but it is today with Crayola’s new Imaginables service. To go from drawing to stuffed toy, you just snap a picture of the drawing and then email, upload or text it to Crayola and wait for their team of designers to turn that flat image into a 16-inch hypoallergenic polyester plush toy. The really cool part of this service is that they make these toys by hand. The creation process will run you $89 for a 16-inch tall stuffed toy or $118 for a 30-inch tall toy  and it will take about four weeks to go from drawing to the final product. If you’re wondering if this is only limited to kids, it’s not. Adults can get in on the fun too! Visit Crayola Imaginables for more info.

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  2. Wow…that’s pretty decent price for a very custom made product! Kudos to Crayola. Now I wonder what will happy if someone submits a branded character drawing like a Micky Mouse or Mario….There’s got to be some legal issues for Crayola in that area.

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