Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-10-12

Today was the most unbelieveable time, here in Seattle for Mobius. I got to play with several Tablet PCs and a product I hadn’t even heard of before today: Windows XP Media Center Edition. I really think that this is going to be a big deal, so check it out! SHARE ON TwitterFacebookPin It

Spotlight Gadget: BA800

256MB, 1.8” color LCD device for image viewing and MP3 audio. Also features CooLights® technology, enabling you to customize the color of the player with a push of the button. SHARE ON TwitterFacebookPin It

Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-10-09

If you have ever wanted motivation to go completely digital, watching Robin Wiliiams’s movie ‘One Hour Photo’ should do the trick. In a word? “Creepy.” I haven’t taken a roll of film to be developed in some time. Basically because I always use digital cameras these days, and I can make my own prints when …

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Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-10-08

Iambic didn’t post these images for this purpose, but they serve as a perfect reminder of the difference between a regular Palm’s display resolution and a Sony CLIÉ’s. Here in “graphic detail” are the differences of what you see with 160×160, 160×320, 320×320, and 320×480 resolution. I know this is old news to some, but …

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NuShield PDA Screen Protector Review

Device: Available for Palm, Handspring Visor, HP Jornada, Compaq iPAQ, Sony CLIÉ, Casio, Sharp Zaurus, Toshiba, as well as the Samsung, Kyocera and Visor PDA/phones and Newton handhelds By now, every Gadgeteer reader knows that I am a firm believer in PDA screen protection. If you have read some of my previous reviews on this …

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Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-10-05

It’s not even 7am on a Saturday morning, and I’m awake! What’s wrong with this picture? Actually nothing, I’m on my way to the airport to travel to Sedona, AZ for my first (REAL) vacation in probably 6-7yrs. WOW! I’m taking MiniMe (Fujitsu Lifebook 2110) with me of course, but don’t look for many (if …

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Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-10-04

Here is a great website for those of you that would like to replace the rechargeable battery in your Palm or Pocket PC PDA. Laptops For Less is selling complete kits to replace the PDA battery for several brands: Compaq (Ipaq), HP (Jornada), Sony (Clie), Palm (Pilot). They provide a complete kit and full instructions. …

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iRiver SlimX MP3 CD Player Review

Like many of you, I like my music collection and have amassed a large collection of music CDs over the years. Because I commuted a lot and wanted to listen to a large range of my music collection I purchased a portable minidisc recorder/player. Later I replaced this with a full deck and a portable …

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