MollaSpace Lollipop MP3 Speaker

This MollaSpace speaker for MP3 players would make a cute accessory for kids (of any age).  These little speakers are made of plastics and metal, and they look like Tootsie Pops, complete with stick.  The Lollipop MP3 Speaker is 1.5″ in diameter, and the stick is 2.6″ long.  Remove the stick to expose a 3.5mm audio plug that plugs into the headphone jack.  The speaker has a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it doesn’t drain your MP3 player.  You’ll get about 6 hours of continuous play from a charge.  There’s no price information yet, but it should be shipping around the end of this month.  You can even sign up at MollaSpace to be notified when it’s in stock.

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