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ElementCase Ducati Folio-1

  Summer is upon us and what better way to enjoy the day than to pull out the Ducati and take it for a spin. Now some of you may not be familiar with the smooth clean lines, red and black color scheme as well as the polycarbonate shell and Tech-Grip material used on this [...]

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You're probably thinking " not another iPad case!", but before you hit the back arrow hear me out.  The Across Case by Strotter does have some unusual features that make it worth a look.  My first impression was also underwhelming; however, after using the case for a couple of weeks, it may be something you [...]

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Last year, we told you about how the MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S allows you to be part of what's going on around you as you record it.  Now these same folks are introducing the MirrorCase for iPad.  The iPad case has a cover to protect the screen while it's not in use, and the raised [...]

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It seems more people are finding that an iPad and a keyboard (for easier data entry) covers most of the functions they used to rely on a laptop computer for.  This means that a lot of the gear bags on the market, designed for laptops, are not suited for the relatively tiny iPad and keyboard. [...]

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Pad & Quill are known for their beautifully crafted cases that lend a hand-bound book appearance to your tablets.  They have turned their attention to the iPad mini with their new Aria case.  The case is handmade with bookbinding techniques from full-grain American leather.  The leather cover features an embossed design on the front and [...]

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This Kickstarter project is for the person who is willing to sacrifice their iPad's sleekness for more sound.  The ORA: Ultimate Sound System for iPad case has eight built-in speakers, powered by their own battery so they don't drain the iPad, that the designers say will deliver up to five times the iPad's volume without [...]

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The SleeveStand from X-Doria will protect your iPad mini during travel, and it can serve as a stand when you need one.  The SleeveStand is a padded sleeve with a zippered end to completely enclose the iPad mini when it needs protection, but it removes completely to allow you to use the mini caseless.  You [...]

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Lately, I've been going with a minimal approach to casing my iPad, using only a sleeve.  However, I'm always looking for my next favorite case, and I was very interested when Cygnett offered The Gadgeteer their Glam Red case for iPad 2 and the new iPad.  It was red, after all.  How could I refuse? [...]

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modulR has been around for a while now, providing cases and accessories for the iPad.  With their products, you can easily add a hand strap to improve your grip or a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry your iPad around.  You can even convert it into a headrest mount for your car.  Now, [...]

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We told you about the KidSafe Case for iPhone from TRTL BOT a couple of days ago, and now we have the Shell for iPad to tell you about.  The Shell is also available in black, white, and green to match the iPhone case colors.  Like the KidSafe Case, there's a cover for the home [...]

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The NuGuard GripStand/GripBase Bundle from Newer Technology  is a combination base (the GripBase) and iPad case/stand/handle, bundled into a single package. This version is specifically for the first generation iPad - if you have a second generation iPad, you can assume the GripStand 2 version is essentially identical to the version reviewed here - except [...]

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This iPad case from Hermes costs more than even the most expensive iPad.  Heck, it cost more than two 32GB WiFi iPad 2s!  The HigHtecH leather work station covers your iPad when it's not in use, and it allows you to prop it up for comfortable typing or horizontal viewing.  It's available only in ebony [...]

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In November last year, we told you about the Brenthaven 5-in-1 iPad case.  The Brenthaven case is a hard-shell back cover and screen cover that has five functions:  hard cover, easy grip handle, headrest hanger, viewing stand, and typing stand.  Cafe Press is offering these versatile cases with a variety of designs, including the Star [...]

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The iChair company debuted a line of cases for iPad,  iPhones, and iPod touch at CES this year.  These cases are two-piece "back case" styles that slide on to cover the back of the device.  The cases are made of injection-molded polycarbonate and have a rubbery black, matte finish.  The cases have integrated stands in [...]

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The Origami Sleeve case for iPad from Incase combines an iPad case with a stand.  Just as you'd think from the name, you fold the sleeve case into a stand that can support the iPad in horizontal or vertical  orientation.  The sleeve protects your iPad when you aren't using it.  The Origami Sleeve case is [...]

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In the eight months since the iPad was released, there have been hundreds of cases, covers, and other accessories released for it.  I’ve reviewed many of them myself, looking for just the perfect cover.  I wanted something pretty and useful, and it was hard to find both in a single product.  I also found that [...]

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The Crystal iPad Folio from LapWorks is a transparent hard-shell case to protect your iPad without obscuring its beauty.  It's made from shatterproof polycarbonate, and it has soft rubber pads to protect both sides of the iPad from scratches.  The Folio has a hinge with a stainless steel pin that allows the top cover to fold [...]

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Mophie has introduced some new colors for their juice pack air™ case for iPhone 4 with built-in backup battery.  The 1500mAh battery in this protective case can almost double your battery life, and you can charge and sync your iPhone 4 without removing it from the case.  The juice pack air™ has an LED status indicator [...]

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The iPad Tabbed Folio with Easel from Abas is another iPad book-style case that converts into a stand.  This case is made in the US of luxurious leathers and closes securely with a tabbed closure.  Inside is a frame to hold the iPad, and there's an easel on the inside of the front cover.  Use [...]

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Mophie has introduced a new folio-style protective case for iPad that also converts into a stand.  The Workbook for iPad has an exterior made of an animal-friendly material, and the folio case is held closed with an elastic band.  Inside, there's a soft, protective lining and a form-fitting frame to hold the iPad.  Cutouts allow access [...]

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