Pelican i1075 iPad Case review

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It seems more people are finding that an iPad and a keyboard (for easier data entry) covers most of the functions they used to rely on a laptop computer for.  This means that a lot of the gear bags on the market, designed for laptops, are not suited for the relatively tiny iPad and keyboard.  The i1075 iPad Case from PelicanCase is custom-molded to hold the iPad (1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation) and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard in a package that’s about the size of a laptop.  It’s watertight and airtight to keep your gear protected. The Gadgeteer looked at the i1075 case previously, but let’s give it a second look.

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pelican-i1075-ipad-case-2The i1075 is a hard-sided polycarbonate case.  It’s available only in black, and the front and the back are fairly plain.  The front has a Pelican logo on a metal badge;  the back has raised feet at the corners.  The case won’t stand up on the hinge end (like in the above image), so you’ll need to lay it flat on its back when you put it down.


  • Material:  polycarbonate
  • Interior type: molded liner for iPad 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation
  • Exterior dimensions:  12.38″ x 9.75″ x 2.13″
  • Interior dimensions:  11.38″ x 8.19″ x 1.63″
  • Weight: 2.03 pounds
  • Temperature rating: -10 to +210° F (-23 to +99° C)


pelican-i1075-ipad-case-4The case closes with a single, hinged latch that pulls the case tightly closed.  The second picture shows the automatic pressure equalization valve that’s located under the closed latch.  This valve will allow you to open your tightly closed case even at high altitudes.

You’ll notice a belting-material strap is attached to the case (upper photo).  The strap measures 7/8″ wide X about 52″ long.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-5The center of the strap is a flexible, rubbery pad that seems to be designed for neck comfort and to support the weight of the loaded case better than the belting material alone.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-112At each end of the latch, you’ll find little openings where you can fit a TSA luggage lock or a small padlock to secure the contents of your case.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-6The interior is lined with a dense foam that’s been shaped to hold and protect the iPad and keyboard.  This is the top (lid) of the case.  The bumpers at the sides prevent the iPad from sliding around inside the case when closed.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-7The bottom of the case is also lined with the same dense foam.  The three big compartments will hold charging cables, earbuds, and other small accessories.  You’ll see a long, rounded channel just above the three main compartments.  This channel holds the rounded battery compartment on the bottom of the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.  The keyboard sits above anything stored in those three compartments, and a slight ridge around the edges of the keyboard hold it securely in place.

A large channel cut out of the interior padding, at the back near the hinges, serves as an iPad stand when you are using the keyboard with the iPad.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-8Here you see my keyboard sitting in its compartment.  The shiny square area under the keyboard’s space bar is a cutout in the interior lining.  It’s sized perfectly to hold the AC charger that Apple supplies with the iPad.  I don’t use the standard wall charger with my iPad, and the one I do use won’t fit in this compartment.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-9The interior padding has been molded to hold an iPad just above the keyboard.  Because it can hold the original iPad, I thought it could probably hold an iPad 3 in a Khomo Dual Case.  I was correct; the cased iPad 3 fit perfectly inside its cradle.  When you close the case, the bumpers in the top and bottom linings hold the iPad firmly in place.  I could shake the case around without hearing anything moving around inside the case.  The iPad was just where I left it when I opened the case back up.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-13Pelican says the i1075 is “watertight, airtight, dust proof, chemical resistant, and corrosion resistant.”  I don’t have a method of testing airtightness and chemical and corrosion resistance, but I tried testing the waterproofness.  I held the latched (empty) case under the spigot of my bathtub, making sure to expose all four sides of the case to the running water.  I dried the outside of the case before opening to be sure I didn’t somehow transfer water inside while opening it.  The inside was absolutely dry after the test.  I think the i1075 could certainly protect my iPad and keyboard if I got caught in an unexpected rain storm.

The picture above shows hard plastic ridges around the edges of the bottom of the case (left side) and a rubber gasket around the edges of the top of the case (right side).  These fit together to form the protective seal that keeps out water, air, dust, and chemicals.  I took this picture after performing the water test.  You can see some water droplets around the outer rim of the rubber gasket, but no water made it past that outer edge.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-10Here you see the iPad in the stand, and the keyboard is still in its fitted compartment.  You use the keyboard without removing it from the case.  In this picture, I have the top of the case leaning against the backdrop.  The lid won’t stay up like this unsupported.  It doesn’t help support the iPad.  The iPad is held only by the hinge-side of the hard-shell bottom and by the foam lining.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-11Here you see the normal position of the case’s lid and the iPad in the typing configuration.  You cannot adjust the angle of the iPad.

You could use the Pelican case on a table in front of you or on the sofa or bed beside you.  You could even lay it on your lap or stretched-out legs, but you’ll need to be careful about balancing the case to prevent it from slipping off your legs.  Unless you have very long legs, you’ll find that the lid flops down over your knees when you use it on your lap.

If you use it on a table, you’ll find that it takes up much more room than a laptop would.  It may not fit easily on the small tops of lecture hall desks.

pelican-i1075-ipad-case-12The problem I had with the case was that the raised bumpers that hold the iPad in place when the case is closed got in the way of typing.  You can see my husband’s hands are perched on top of those bumpers.  The bumpers are made of the same dense foam as the rest of the interior, but they are firm enough that they start to dig into the heels of my hands after a short while of touch typing.

If you have decided an iPad and a keyboard is all you need as you go about your daily business, you owe it to yourself to consider the PelicanCase i1075 iPad Case.  It’s about the size of a standard laptop, so smaller than most any laptop bag you’ll find.  It’s hard outer shell and dense, molded interior padding will protect your equipment from bumps and drops, and its gaskets will keep out water, dust, and dirt.  Since it has a built-in stand for the iPad and you leave the keyboard in the case, it’s almost like using a laptop.  At about $85 MSRP (or about $76 on sale), it’s cheaper than most laptop bags, too.


Product Information

Price:Retail: $84.95; sale: $76.46
  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation iPad and Apple Bluetooth keyboard
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and airtight to protect your iPad and keyboard
  • Hard-sided case and molded, padded interior protect against bumps and drops
  • Has a built-in stand, so you can use it like a laptop without removing the keyboard from the case
  • Only one viewing angle for the iPad
  • Wrists have to sit on some of the raised bumpers in the interior lining when typing

10 thoughts on “Pelican i1075 iPad Case review”

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  2. I’ve had one of these for a year or so and love it….Pelican’s are a bit pricy, but their protection is second to none, regardless of what you’re carrying…sizes from iPods to huge rolling cases…no relation to the company…my son works in professional light/sound productions, and they won’t protect their gear in anything less than a Pelican…

  3. The new strap is a nice update but I wish the would do something for a handle. I had to make my own handle because the strap isn’t always convenient .

  4. Agreed there Larry…I like the look of the new strap…that would be the only (slight) negative to my original i1075….

    Also, be careful in purchasing this size/model # case…there are several in the same size range with different molded (or not) interiors…the i1075 is for iPads…the 1075 has foam, the 1075CC is for net books, the P1075 for pistols with pick-and-pluck customizable foam inserts…be careful of which one you get!!!

    1. Jim, how hard would it be to remove/cut sections of the i1075 interior? Looking to convert it to function like the stock 1075.

  5. RainyDayInterns

    We rigged up a little something similar with a discontinued OtterBox laptop case when the iPad first came out in 2010:

    To give it an extra layer of “shielding,” we then wrapped it inside a Defender case 🙂 Overkill? That all depends on your point of view 🙂

    Pretty sure we can throw it out the window and the iPad inside will be just fine.

  6. In my opinion, this case absolutely needs a handle. But admittedly, I am unable to fathom using a messenger bag without any sort of handle. Shoulder straps cause much stress on the shoulders of one’s clothes, especially for those of us that still wear suits or sport jackets.

  7. The i1075 iPad case has made me less worried about carrying my iPad around. I used to move around with my Acer laptop, but I am now happy that I can do the same with my iPad. I am used to shoulder straps…so I do not have problems with that.

  8. Any idea how well these cases will fit non-Apple products? I have a generic USB Keyboard as well as an (extra) non-Apple charger and cord, and I’m curious as to how good of a fit I’ll have.

  9. Janet Cloninger

    @Paul I don’t have any non-Apple products to try, but I’m thinking they probably won’t fit very well, if at all. The keyboard cutouts and channels exactly fit the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, and the iPad sits just above the keyboard. It wouldn’t fit if the keyboard didn’t fit properly. There’s very little room, thickness-wise, under the keyboard, so nothing bigger than cables would fit under there. The compartment for Apple’s charger exactly fits the iPad charger, so other shapes/sizes aren’t likely to fit. There are other versions of the 1075, though, that might work better for your needs. Just click on the link in the review and search for 1075.

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