Propellant-free briquettes burn hotter and cleaner than normal charcoal


If you like cooking outdoors on a grill but don’t like the chemical aftertaste in your food, you’ll be interested in the Afire Koko Coconut Charcoal from Williams-Sonoma.  Afire makes this charcoal from renewable coconut shells (left overs from other coconut uses) with no added propellants or other chemicals, fillers, glues, or nitrates.  The hole in the center of each briquette allows for airflow that promotes more consistent, even burning.  The Koko charcoal burns hotter and cleaner than other charcoals, and they stay hotter longer and leave less ash than traditional charcoal, too.  With this charcoal, you’ll get a smoky, grilled taste without the chemical taste.  You can get a 4.5-pound box from Williams-Sonoma (online only) for $7.96 plus shipping, or Amazon has the same sized box for $19.99 and a 24 pound box for $58.93 and both are eligible for free shipment with orders over $25 or with a Prime account.

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  • John Kozak June 28, 2013, 11:45 am

    These might be better than regular briquettes but they sure are pricey.

    I still feel hardwood lump charcoal is the best way to go. No additives, burns hot and food tastes great. Lump is a lot cheaper too – you could get 100lbs of good lump for less than what the 24lb box costs!

  • Hai Vu June 28, 2013, 1:51 pm

    I am with Jon Kozak. I am also skeptical of the hole: unless you neatly arrange the briquettes; the holes might not be vertical, or near-vertical for that matter. That means airflow might not be as optimal as the claim. The holes do increase the burning surface, which might account for burning hotter. However, burning hotter also mean it won’t last as long. I’ll stick with my charcoal.

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