The Knife Fork & Spoon – a new take on an old problem

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Knife Fork & Spoon

How do you improve upon the basic knife, fork, and spoon concept, something that has been around for years? How do you make that item into a tool for your on-the-go-everyday lifestyle? I recently came across an interesting take on this dilemma in a current project on Kickstarter. The Knife Fork & Spoon by John-Paul Grogan is his take on reusable cutlery. The design has all three utensils combined into two pieces that fit together for easy carrying.  By combining the knife into the back handle of the spoon, three pieces of cutlery now become two. The fork is by itself and is designed to have the knife/fork combo slide into it making all the pieces a single item for carrying and storage. Although the Knife Fork & Spoon is not the smallest utensil set up around, it may actually have the most usable design I have seen in a while. The Knife Fork & Spoon is seeking funding until July 25, 2013, with pledges starting £1 (approximately $1.54) and running to £1,500 (approximately $2317.20), with £12 (approximately $18.54) getting you a Knife Fork & Spoon.

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