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When Julie dropped her latest EDC on us, it was interesting to see everything she carries on a daily basis. (My shoulder hurts just viewing it.) When she asked us to share our EDC’s with everyone, I ended up being in what I found to be a not so unique situation; I work from home, or basically don’t get out every day. So like Janet, I have broken my EDC into different situational carries.

Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.

My basic carry situations consist of casual outings, extended/working outings and travel. Casual outings to me are quick trips to the store, to get gas, or out to eat or to do menial type chores. For this type of situation I will usually have a minimal set of items with me, as shown in the top photo.

  • Wallet (Oakley bi fold)
  • Victorinox Signature Lite (this pen knife has a LED light and ballpoint pen)
  • iPhone 5 with an Incipio Atlas case
  • Nike FuelBand White Ice color
  • Cross Ion pen

Just as a rule of thumb my iPhone and FuelBand go with me everywhere.


My extended/working outings are when I am going to be out for a period of time and want to be able to do some work on more than my iPhone. I also use this set up when I want to talk to folks about travel (my side job) or when I know I will be out of the house for a period of time and will need a distraction. This EDC includes:

  • Pelican i1075 iPad case
  • iPad 2 with a Smart Cover and a generic plastic back cover
  • Apple Bluetooth keyboard (not pictured)
  • iPhone 5 charging cable
  • iPad 2 charging cable
  • Apple charging block
  • Klipsch earphones
  • Generic thumb drive
  • Retro 51 stylus pen (older version)
  • Just Mobile green AluPen
  • Jabra Bluetooth headphone and charging dongle (headphone not pictured)
  • One aluminum FishBone
  • 10′ of paracord (the paracord is made into a handle i made for my i1075)

I carry all of these items along with my casual outings items.


My travel carry is basically what I carry when I have reached my destination and want to go sightseeing or visiting. I usually bring my extended work setup with me, but I don’t go out sightseeing with it, so it stays back in my room. As with my extended/working outings, I do carry my basic EDC set up when traveling though. My travel set up comes in two flavors, the non security-screened and the security-screened. You will understand why when I list my contents.

Security screened:

  • Kelty Essential 900 (I have had this for years; it has a lot of carrying capacity)
  • iPad 2 (not shown)
  • A BIC E3 pen/pencil/stylus
  • Microfiber lens cleaner
  • Stainless steel FishBone (knotless gear tie)
  • 10′ of paracord
  • Rain jacket
  • Socks
  • Hat (if I am not wearing one)
  • Cannon SX10 PowerShot camera (not pictured)
  • Spare batteries
  • Klingg (magnetic earphone cord holder)
  • Apple EarPods


My non security-screened load out is the same with the addition of my ever-developing “Appaco Wallet”. This wallet is a work in progress for a review I will be writing for The Gadgeteer. I got this idea from a lot of reality shows on television nowadays. My wallet currently includes:

  • Oakley bifold card wallet
  • Ian Sinclair Cardsharp
  • Tool Logic Survival card (Survival II)
  • Generic stainless steel multi-tool card
  • 2GB flash drive
  • Aluminum FishBone

Based on the wallets contents, you can see why I don’t take this setup through security screenings.

When I am out during the day, I almost always wear  a pair of Maui Jim’s Sports sun glasses, the Sandy Beach model.

So there you have my EDCs for whatever situation I may be heading into.

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  2. I have the same Ion Cross pen but can’t find refills (used to get them at Staples) — where do you get yours? Do they still make them?

  3. @ Michelle I believe you can still get them from Staples online but I just ordered 2 from the cross website for $11 including shipping. I saw some others on Amazon but no real deals so I played it safe…

  4. @matt The small wallet is actually the removable license holder for the larger Oakley wallet. You can still get a version of the wallet set at Oakley’s website but I do not believe the make that specific model (I believe it is called pickled) anymore.

  5. @anson I don’t know if they run out or dry up. Mine do not get as much use as it once did so, I make a habit of using it once a week to keep the ink flowing.

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