Fish to be tied with the Fish Bone knotless gear tie


Are you a paracord junkie? Do you like to use paracord for any and all situations possible? Do you find after knotting paracord, it is next to impossible to get unknotted? Well folks, knot no more with the Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie, a KickStarter project by Brent Garcia. The Fish Bone is a small (1/2″ high x 2″ long) stainless steel device that resembles a fish skeleton.  It’s designed to use friction to tighten paracord around whatever you are trying to secure. The Fish Bone KickStarter page states that it can be used “in line”, “in loop”, “quick release” or however you can think of.

The Fish Bone is fully funded, but will be open for more funding until February 6, 2013 and is estimated to be delivered in May 2013. The minimum pledge is $12.00 for two of the original Fish Bones, but they have other pledge packages (a $5.00 that does not include a Fish Bone up to $500.00) available.  (Click the image for a larger view.)

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