A Golden Ratio for your ears

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I would guess that the majority of Gadgeteer readers have never heard of George Cardas. That may be about to change. Cardas Audio is a maker of high-end audio cable, and Mr. Cardas is a respected audiophile. After years of listening to earphones, he decided that he could do it better – so he designed and made his own: the Cardas Audio EM5813 Ear Speakers. Designed to mirror the human cochlea and tympanic membrane, these earphones are based on the Golden Ratio – an age old mathematical sequence that naturally occurs in nature, architecture, and art. It’s a unique concept that took 4 years of development. All the parts for the speaker drivers are made from proprietary metals and are custom matched to each earphone. Even the copper wiring is from their own metal recipe. The EM5813 Ear Speakers are available now for $425.

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