MirrorCase will change the way your take photos and video with your iPad

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Last year, we told you about how the MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S allows you to be part of what’s going on around you as you record it.  Now these same folks are introducing the MirrorCase for iPad.  The iPad case has a cover to protect the screen while it’s not in use, and the raised side contains mirrors that will redirect the light to the iPad’s back camera, allowing you to take images when the iPad is sitting horizontally.  This will allow you to capture videos of class lectures without having to hold the iPad during the entire class, or it will make getting truly candid shots at parties or family gatherings easier because no one will notice the camera being pointed at them.  The raised side also has a storage compartment at the end opposite the mirrors, and there’s a little sound scoop at the bottom of the iPad to redirect the sound to the front so you don’t have to cup your had around the speaker end.  The case also incorporates a kickstand for easier reviewing of your images.  You can pre-order the MirrorCase for iPad now for $79.95.  MirrorCase is also offering a new iPhone 5 case for pre-order.

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