Star Trek 5-in-1 iPad Case from Brenthaven and Cafe Press

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In November last year, we told you about the Brenthaven 5-in-1 iPad case.  The Brenthaven case is a hard-shell back cover and screen cover that has five functions:  hard cover, easy grip handle, headrest hanger, viewing stand, and typing stand.  Cafe Press is offering these versatile cases with a variety of designs, including the Star Trek Delta design shown above.  These cases are for the 1st generation iPad, and they are available for $59.50 in your choice of design.

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek 5-in-1 iPad Case from Brenthaven and Cafe Press”

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  2. Janet I purchased a brand new first gen iPad 16Gig 3G from AT&T for a really good price of $429 total and had it for about 2 weeks now and I’m loving it; still don’t like that there’s no SD slot and have to go through iTunes. I got cameras on my netbooks that I never use (who wants to look at my ugly mug anyways) so I wasn’t that impressed with the iPad2. So by waiting I saved some hard earned cash; like a couple of hundred bucks 🙂

    Now I’ve been looking for a case- the iPad is very slippery to hold and I’m afraid of it falling out of my hands, onto the floor, and breaking into a thousand tiny wee pieces. This case looks mighty cool… But I ordered the Chima Designs Crucial Case for $39.95 that you review last year; yes they lowered their price from $59 something. I’m still waiting for it to arrive. I’ll let ya know what I think of it…

  3. Janet Cloninger

    Hey Bob! I didn’t actually get to do a review of the Chima Designs Crucial Case, just a news item. It really does look like a nice case, and I’ll be interested to hear what you think about it!

    I know you’re going to like the iPad, but if you decide you’d rather have it in a smaller case you should check out my review of the Belkin Grip Vue for the original iPad. My husband, daughter, and I all had and loved them. My daughter has the black one on her iPad (she still has the original), and it is very sophisticated looking. You can get it at Amazon right now for $30.

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