Cygnett Glam Red Case for iPad Review

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cygnett glam ipad case 1Lately, I’ve been going with a minimal approach to casing my iPad, using only a sleeve.  However, I’m always looking for my next favorite case, and I was very interested when Cygnett offered The Gadgeteer their Glam Red case for iPad 2 and the new iPad.  It was red, after all.  How could I refuse?  Let’s give it a closer look.

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cygnett glam ipad case 2The Glam Red case is made of patent leather, although I believe it is a faux leather.  The cover is shiny and very smooth.  The stitching is even and straight.  The only branding is the Cygnett name on the silver-colored plastic badge on the open side of the cover.  As the name would imply, the Glam Red case is only available in red.

The case is reinforced to protect the iPad’s screen.  There’s apparently no padding between the reinforcement board and the exterior covering. There does seem to be a little bit of padding on the interior side.

I have noticed that the patent leather covering is easily marked and scratched.

The Glam Red case measures about 10.1″ X 7.9″ X 0.9″.  It weighs 10.3 ounces on my digital kitchen scale.  It does add considerable weight and bulk to the sleek iPad.

cygnett glam ipad case 3The back has an opening for the rear camera.  The back of the new iPad is so curved that you can actually see the power/sleep button through the camera opening.  This opening is large enough that it doesn’t interfere with the camera’s operation.

The seam down the middle of the back is part of the hinge that allows this folio cover to be used as an iPad stand.

The case has imbedded magnets in the front cover that will hold the cover closed with both the new iPad and the iPad 2.  It will also trigger the sleep/wake function for the iPad 2.

cygnett glam ipad case 4Also included with this case is a small velveteen-covered magnet and an instruction sheet.  You’ll need to install this magnet to the inside front cover if you want to use the sleep/wake function with the iPad 3.

cygnett glam ipad case 5Installation is very simple.  You just line up the included template with the upper outside corner of the front, peel the backing off the magnet, then stick it to the cover.  I just pressed it in place for a couple of seconds, and the magnet seems securely held in place.

cygnett glam ipad case 6It does make a noticeable bump on the cover, though.  With it in place, the sleep/wake function works well with my new iPad.

cygnett glam ipad case 7The interior of the Glam Red case is lined in a black velveteen-type fabric.  There are three strips of the patent leather sewn on the interior of the front.  These are part of the stand.  The iPad is held in a patent leather frame.  There are openings for the home button and the front camera and the ambient light sensor.

cygnett glam ipad case 8You can see how the case over-hangs the iPad edges.  This will add some protection if you drop the iPad, but it does make it difficult to reach the buttons on the curved edge of the iPad.  You can see the headphone jack and microphone are exposed; I can plug headphones in with not much trouble.  It’s a bit harder to operate the power/sleep button.  I have to really wedge my finger in there to reach it.

cygnett glam ipad case 9It’s possible to plug in the docking cable, but again, I had a little trouble.  The speaker actually sounds a bit better when the new iPad is in this Cygnett case.  I think the hard back helps to redirect the sound to the front.

cygnett glam ipad case 10Like with the power/sleep button, I had to wedge my finger in to use the volume rocker or the mute/screen lock switch.

cygnett glam ipad case 11This is the back of the iPad compartment.  You can see the flap and the Velcro closure that keep the iPad secured in the frame.  The back of the case is folded at the seam you noticed on the exterior back.  As I mentioned, this is the “hinge” for the stand.

cygnett glam ipad case 12cygnett glam ipad case 13cygnett glam ipad case 14The Glam Red case works only as a horizontal stand.  You can see the three strips serve as “stops” for the iPad frame and hold the iPad at three different angles.  The top two are for viewing, and the bottom picture shows an angle that works for typing.

Because of the shiny patent leather exterior, I don’t believe the Glam Red case will appeal to men.  It is an attractive folio-style case, and it’s smooth surface and rounded edges make it comfortable to hold.  The stand works well, but there are only three viewing angles from which to choose.  If you want a protective case that also works as a horizontal stand – and you like red – the Cygnett Glam Red case is a good choice.


Product Information

  • iPad 2 or new iPad
  • Protective
  • Works as a horizontal stand
  • Holds iPad securely in the frame case
  • Buttons and connectors are a bit hard to reach because of the hard backing
  • Patent leather scratches and marks easily

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