JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case for iPad and Cherry Blossom Case for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Review

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In the eight months since the iPad was released, there have been hundreds of cases, covers, and other accessories released for it.  I’ve reviewed many of them myself, looking for just the perfect cover.  I wanted something pretty and useful, and it was hard to find both in a single product.  I also found that I needed a stand for the iPad, because it was too heavy to hold for a couple of hours to watch a Netflix movie.  And I finally decided that I needed a Bluetooth keyboard for typing long emails or text files, so I needed a case to protect my keyboard when I’m lugging it around.  I was already aware of the JAVOedge Axis case and stand for the iPad, and when I saw that JAVOedge were releasing a case for the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, I asked Julie to see if the JAVOedge folks would send me a matching Axis case and a keyboard case in the Cherry Blossom fabric.  I’m very happy to say they graciously sent along both cases.  Let’s take a close look at them.

Both cases are from the Cherry Blossom line, and both are covered in a beautiful brocade fabric in an Asian-style floral pattern.  The fabric has a linen-like texture.  The cases are available in Twilight Purple, Ocean Blue, and Cocoa.  I received both cases in the Ocean Blue.  You can see in the lead picture that the color match is a bit off.  The fabric used for the keyboard case is darker than that used for the Axis case.  Perhaps I only notice that because I spent 15 years writing color formulation/color correction/color quality control software.  In any event, I’m not bothered by the difference too much, and it certainly doesn’t negatively impact the function of the cases.

Let’s look at the cases individually.  Note that the pictures in this review are clickable for an enlarged view.

JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Case for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

The JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Case for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is a simple envelope-style sleeve with a flap closure, designed specifically for the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.  The case is about 11-1/8” long X 5-1/4” tall X 7/8” thick and weighs about 1 pound with the keyboard inside.  The flap is about 3-3/4” long and is held closed with a magnet.  Because the flap is small, much of the keyboard battery compartment is left uncovered.  The only branding on the case is the metal tag engraved with the JAVOedge name centered on the magnetic flap.

Lifting the flap reveals rectangular cutouts on the front and backside of the case.  This allows you to get a grip on the keyboard to extract it.  The interior is lined with a black velvet material.  The sides of the case are black fabric elastic bands that leave roughly one inch open at both the top and bottom of each side.  You insert the keyboard into the case with the battery compartment at the top and partially exposed because of the small closure strap.

There is a storage pouch on the back of the case.  The top is held closed with a Velcro strip centered along the top.  Inside the pouch is an elastic loop that could hold a very thin, short pen.  It might hold a AAA battery, but the Apple Bluetooth keyboard uses two AA batteries.  There is also an elastic band with a Velcro closure that could corral a charging cable.  This pouch is lined with a smooth, black fabric.

The case is perfectly sized to hold the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.  The front and back of the case are stiffened to protect the keys.  I like to keep my electronics scratch-free, so I do wish the flap covered the entire length of the top and the elastic bands covered more of the sides.  However, the case should prevent damage to the keys, and I guess that is the most important factor.

Pictures at JAVOedge show the case being used as a “lifter” for the keyboard while typing.  Because the Apple keyboard is so thin and has a pre-determined, non-adjustable angle caused by the battery compartment, you may find using the case as a base for the keyboard makes typing more comfortable.

JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case for the Apple iPad

I’ve tried a lot of cases for my iPad.  Most of them were very nice, but it seemed that I had already chosen a favorite case and no other case I tried had a chance of replacing it – until now.  The JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case for Apple iPad is now officially my favorite, daily-use case.  I love the Axis case for a variety of reasons.

I think the case is beautiful.  I love the pretty floral fabric, and I like the Ocean Blue color scheme.  (I might prefer it in red, though, if it were available.)  The case has the floral fabric on the front cover, the spine, closure flap, and the angular piece that attaches the front cover to the back.  These areas are reinforced with a stiff material sandwiched between the front fabric and the lining.  The lining material seems to be a plastic or vinyl that has a sueded texture; the color is a light buff or tan.  The case is 9-5/8″ long X 8-1/8″ wide (at the flap) X 1-7/8″ thick.  With the iPad inside, it weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces.

The case is held closed by a magnetic flap.  This flap is only about 1.5” wide, so most of the side of the case is open, as are the top and bottom.  The flap has the same metal badge engraved with the JAVOedge name that’s found on the keyboard case.  Inside the cover is a fabric JAVOedge label, sewn in at the top edge of the case.

The back of the case is a rigid snap-on back cover that appears to be exactly like the JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Back Cover for iPad that I reviewed earlier.  Assuming it is the same, the back cover is made of reinforced polycarbonate.  It is covered with a vinyl in a solid color that perfectly coordinates with the background color of the fabric.   This case is animal-friendly, for those who need that information.

Bottom edge with docking connector and speaker
Side with volume rocker and mute button
Top with power/standby button, microphone, and heaphone jack. You can see the rubber strips inside the front cover.

All ports and controls are completely accessible and easily used.  These large openings do leave some of the sides of the iPad unprotected.  The corners and the back of the iPad are covered and should be protected from scratches and dings.  The back cover leaves the screen completely uncovered.

Inside the front flap are three rubber strips, sewn in parallel to the front edge of the case.  These strips keep the front cover from resting flat on the screen.  This means pens or the like could get under and scratch your screen when you are transporting the iPad inside a backpack or other bag.

Multi-hinged case allows the iPad to be rotated and tilted for horizontal or vertical viewing

The Axis case is also a stand for your iPad.  The narrow flap that attaches the front cover to the back has a swiveling attachment point.  You can rotate the back cover 360 degrees around this point.  It also has a hinge, to allow other angle adjustments.  The rubber strips support the bottom edge of the iPad to hold it at the desired angle for easy viewing.  Use the rubber strips to tilt the iPad to three different angles.  You can stand the iPad in the horizontal or vertical orientation with the Axis stand.  The Axis makes a very sturdy, stable stand for the iPad.

iPad held in vertical position

The Axis works great as a stand on a tabletop, as you’d expect.  It also works great when you set the iPad on your bed.  Because my husband sleeps in the part of the bed that I could use to set my iPad on, I usually just set my iPad on my chest.  Because the iPad has a narrow edge and because it is heavy, I usually end up having to constantly shift my iPad around because it hurts to have it sitting in one place for very long.  The base of the Axis case spreads the weight of the iPad around a larger area, so I find that I can set it on my chest and leave it there without pain.  If I wanted, I could fold the front cover completely to the back, but I prefer using the stand.

I love the JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Keyboard Case and the Axis Case for iPad.  They do their jobs well, and they look great doing it.  Right now, the Keyboard Case seems to only be available in the Cherry Blossom fabric.  The Axis case is available in a variety of fabrics and colors, so I’m sure you could find one that matches your taste.  The JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis case is now my daily-use case and stand for my iPad, and the Cherry Blossom Keyboard case protects my Apple Bluetooth keyboard in style.


Product Information

Price:$39.95 for the Axis Case; $34.95 for the Keyboard Case
  • Apple iPad and Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Beautiful and protective cases
  • Axis case also serves as a stand for the iPad, with horizontal and vertical orientations and multiple tilts available
  • Keyboard case can also serve as a "lifter" for the keyboard
  • Some areas of the keyboard are left uncovered by the Keyboard Case
  • Some areas of the iPad is left uncovered by the Axis case

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