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Arq Dock

The title of this post is kind of funny because my household seems to have amassed two of every smart device we use, two iPhones and two iPads you get the picture. And like every household, the way we protect or enhance these devices varies by user. Anywhere between full-blown rugged protection to skinny and [...]

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If you have a Qi-compatible smartphone, you should check out the very cool VU charging stand from TYLT.  The stand has a soft-touch finish and holds your phone at a 45-degree angle as it charges, so it won't ever get lost on your desk.  It comes with an AC adapter and promises to charge your [...]

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FELIX is using Kickstarter to fund their new MonkeyOh Charging Dock and Stand for iPhone and Android.  We've seen stands that attach to the wall outlet before that are similar to this, but the MonkeyOh is the only one that looks like a monkey!  The description says the MonkeyOh can be used without the charger [...]

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xxd-load-ding-device organizer

Strange name, but the XXD's Load-Ding Device Organzier from the A+R Store is a compact little charging pocket for small devices.  It's a flat piece of white plastic with black, red, or pink flocking on one side.  You fold it, as shown in the diagram, to make a pocket that holds your device next to the [...]

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This entry fits into Julie's series of compact charging pockets for small devices.  The reviveLITE from Scosche  plugs into a wall socket to provide a compact charger for your iPhone or iPod without using any charging cables.  The reviveLITE also has an LED nightlight that can be switched off for energy savings.  Scosche includes a variety [...]

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