Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand review

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I found the Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand while I was digging around on Amazon for Apple Watch accessories.  Before I found this charging stand, my Watch had just been laying on my nightstand to charge at night, and I had accidentally knocked it off a couple of times because I wasn’t used to the Watch being there.  When I saw the Spigen stand, I immediately placed a pre-order for it.  I quickly received it after it was released, and I’ve used it every day since.  It’s the perfect charging stand for my Watch.  It keeps it elevated and safe.  And it was under $20 – a miracle for most personal electronics accessories!    


The Spigen stand works for both the 38mm and the 42mm sizes of the Watch.  It’s made of aluminum and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and measures 3.89″ X 4.08″ X 2.50″.  Spigen says the charger cutout works with all Watch chargers.  The charging deck is angled so you can easily view the Watch’s face as it sits on the nightstand.

The charging deck is made of black TPU, while the rest of the stand is made of aluminum.


The cutout on the side is where you feed the cable though.  The Spigen stand doesn’t go to extreme measures to try to hide the charging cable – we know it’s not a wireless charger.  The cutout does guide the cable to the side and keeps it from flopping around.


When you look at the underside of the TPU deck, you can see the opening has grooves to help hold the magnetic charger in place.  The charger certainly doesn’t slip out when you’re lifting the Watch off the stand.  You can also see a channel at the side of the deck to fit the rubber cable-reinforcing collar.

Also, you’ll notice there are four rubbery feet on the bottom of the Spigen stand.  They work well to prevent the stand from sliding around, and they prevent the metal from scratching the furniture.


Here’s the bottom of the deck with the magnetic charger in place.


The top of the charger fits flush with the charging deck.  My Watch Sport has no problem connecting securely to the magnetic charger in the Spigen stand.


You can use the Spigen with any model Watch and with any strap.  Here you see my Watch wearing my new IVAPO Solid Stainless Steel Apple Watch Strap that I recently purchased from Amazon.  This is a loop band that won’t open flat, but the Spigen easily accommodates it.  The Spigen works equally as well with my Sport bands, whether I leave them opened or fasten them into a loop.

Although it’s not very heavy, the Spigen stand has proved to be very stable.  I can easily put the Watch on or take it off the stand without it wobbling.  The only time the stand has tipped was when I accidentally snagged the charging cable moving things around on the nightstand.  The $19 I spent for the Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand was money very well spent!

Source:  I purchased the Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand with my own funds from Amazon.


Product Information

  • Well made charging stand
  • Holds the magnetic charger firmly enough that the Watch can be removed from the stand with one hand
  • Inexpensive
  • None

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  2. @Janet
    Have you looked at the “Skylety Apple Watch Holder Silicone Charging Mount Cradle for iWatch”? It holds the watch in a horizontal position.

    Right now it isn’t practical as it is hard to tell the time with the watch on its side.

    But I understand that this fall the watch OS 2 will allow the face to be rotated.

    And it’s only $13 in red, blue, and black.

    Spigen also has a version in black only for $12.

    I’m waiting for OS 2.0 before I get a stand.

    1. Sandee, I haven’t looked at anything gadgety in a while. I stepped away from reviewing and writing a couple weeks ago or so. I’m really happy with the Spigen stand in this review, and I’m not sure I’d like anything any more than I like it, though.

  3. I have the exact same Spigen stand! To make it more “weighty” I removed the adhesive feet and used some of that dashboard-sticky mat material on the bottom. Now it doesn’t budge.

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