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Julie knows how much I love gadgets – and gadgets for my gadgets.  When Belkin offered The Gadgeteer their new Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone for review, Julie asked if I’d be interested in giving it a try.  I loved the idea of needing only one wall outlet to charge both my… Read More

I found the Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand while I was digging around on Amazon for Apple Watch accessories.  Before I found this charging stand, my Watch had just been laying on my nightstand to charge at night, and I had accidentally knocked it off a couple of times because I wasn’t used to the… Read More

There are a lot of charging stands for the Apple Watch on the market in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.  The TimeStand from Just Mobile is a cylinder of high-grade aluminum that will work with any model and any size of Apple Watch.  I was given the opportunity to put the… Read More

Well before the actual release of the Apple Watch, CalypsoCrystal added a couple of Watch accessories to their product line.  Their Timeless accessories included a beautiful leather-wrapped arc of a charging stand, which I loved at first sight.  Once I got my Apple Watch, I decided I needed a charging stand, and I was lucky… Read More

Just Mobile recently announced their entry into the field of charging stands for the Apple Watch.  The TimeStand is made from a cylinder of high-grade aluminum.  It’s mid-column circular cutout means this stand can be used with all Apple Watches, even those with bands that don’t open flat.  The TimeStand is weighted and has a… Read More

The xylum charging dock for Apple Watch is machined from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum for extra strength.  The brushed surface and chamfered edges of the xylum complement the design of the Watch.  The circular stand fits the charging cable inside, and two rubber inserts hold the cable and magnetic charger in place while… Read More

In watchOS 2, Apple says your Watch will function as your alarm clock when you charge it as it lays on its side.  Most stands on the marketplace now don’t place the watch on its side, so you won’t be able to take advantage of the rotated face and snooze button of the Nightstand mode using… Read More

The Saat Stand charging stands for Apple Watch are available in your choice of aluminum, wood, or Plexiglass.  They can accommodate Watches with the loop bands as well as bands that can open.  The charging cable is corralled in a channel in the charging stand, and the magnetic charger is held in the top; a… Read More

The Spigen Apple Watching Charging Stand is made of aluminum and is shaped much like the stand on the iMac or Apple Thunderbolt displays.  The actual dock is made of TPU to prevent scratching the Watch, and it cradles the magnetic charging disk that comes with the Watch.  Spigen says the dock is compatible with… Read More

Opening my own Apple Watch Sport on Friday and watching other people’s unboxing videos made me realize something:  not all charging stands introduced for the Apple Watch will work with all watchbands.  For example, the Milanese Loop and the Link Bracelet won’t open completely to allow the watch to lay flat.  That means those watches… Read More

Like many other charging stands created for the Apple Watch, the BLOC is a sleek, elegant charging station for your Apple Watch.  It will look and work perfectly on your bedside table for those nightly charging sessions.  Unlike most other charging stands, the BLOC is also a portable power bank for your Watch, just in… Read More

Continuing their line of little handmade, bookbound accessories, DODOcase has introduced their Dual Charging Dock Organizer for iPhone and Apple Watch.  This little book has a Baltic birch interior carved to hold an iPhone (any size with or without many cases, or even an iPad mini) as it charges.  The platform in front of the iPhone holds… Read More

I love the ease and convenience of wireless charging. I have Qi charging pads and stands strategically placed throughout my world. They all get the job done but none are really all that noteworthy or eye catching. All are made of some sort of plastic varying in size, shape, and quality. Until recently that is… Read More

Nomad says their Pod is the first portable battery for the Apple Watch.  You plug the Watch’s charger into the Pod, then wind the excess cable around the Pod’s spindle.  Snap on the Pod’s stamped military-grade aluminum lid, and you’ll have a hockey puck-sized charging stand with the Watch’s magnetic charger exposed.  Inside is a high-density 1800mAh… Read More

Pad & Quill has announced a Luxury Travel Kit for Apple Watch with a wood charging stand and leather roll-up case.  You insert the Watch’s magnetic charger into the Luxury Pocket Stand when you need a charge.  When you’re ready to travel, the stand folds up and fits into a pocket in the leather Roll Up… Read More