The Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand is simple and elegant – and available very soon!


The Spigen Apple Watching Charging Stand is made of aluminum and is shaped much like the stand on the iMac or Apple Thunderbolt displays.  The actual dock is made of TPU to prevent scratching the Watch, and it cradles the magnetic charging disk that comes with the Watch.  Spigen says the dock is compatible with both the plastic and the metal versions of the magnetic charger.  The Watch is held at an angle that’s comfortable for viewing it as it charges on your nightstand or desk, and it’s design allows any Watch, including the ones with looped bands, to fit in the stable charging stand.  The Spigen Apple Watching Charging Stand is $19.99 at Amazon; information there says it will be available on May 8.  I pre-ordered a couple of these, and I received notification that they have already shipped.  I can’t wait to have my Apple Watch Sport safely charging above the surface of my nightstand.

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