The BLOC Power Bank for Apple Watch is a backup battery and charging stand

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Like many other charging stands created for the Apple Watch, the BLOC is a sleek, elegant charging station for your Apple Watch.  It will look and work perfectly on your bedside table for those nightly charging sessions.  Unlike most other charging stands, the BLOC is also a portable power bank for your Watch, just in case you need an extra shot of power to make it through a busy day.  The BLOC has a 2000Ah battery inside that can recharge the Watch up to four times before needing a charge itself.  It incorporates the Watch’s own magnetic charging cable inside, and it serves as a wireless charging base when its battery is charged.  It’s thin (10mm) and light enough that you can throw it in your bag to take it with you while you’re at the office or travelling.  The BLOC Power Bank for Apple Watch will be available in stainless steel, space gray, aluminum, yellow or rose gold tones, marble, or wood to match or complement your Apple Watch.  It is $60 – $100, depending on material, and can be pre-ordered from Boostcase now for delivery in early June.

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