Your Apple Watch accessories will travel in style with this kit from Pad & Quill

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Pad & Quill has announced a Luxury Travel Kit for Apple Watch with a wood charging stand and leather roll-up case.  You insert the Watch’s magnetic charger into the Luxury Pocket Stand when you need a charge.  When you’re ready to travel, the stand folds up and fits into a pocket in the leather Roll Up Kit with the charger.  The Roll Up Kit also has room for an additional Watch strap.  The American full grain leather case measures 3.5″ x 5″ x 1″, and it’s available in Chocolate.  The Luxury Pocket Stand is available in American Cherry or African Mahogany hardwoods.  The kit is $119.99 in the cherry or $129.99 in mahogany.  Pad & Quill will ship the Luxury Travel Kit in mid-May; you may pre-order now.

4 thoughts on “Your Apple Watch accessories will travel in style with this kit from Pad & Quill”

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  2. RainyDayInterns

    We love seeing all the cool accessories for the Apple Watch!

    The only comment we have is that it seems weird that people would want to add so much extra stuff to support a device which is suppose to make “life” more convenient.

    Kind of reminds us of the over-loaded strollers and SUVs we see from parents who decide to bring their baby with them to the grocery story.

    1. Well, of all the billions of people on earth, you would expect a few who are different. Another way to look at it, it’s virtually impossible to come up with a product that nobody wants.

  3. What I find interesting is the blend of organic, natural elements for the super-techno product.

    Wood combines with cables.

  4. RainyDayInterns

    @Sandee… There was a book from the early 80’s by John Naisbitt called Megatrends. A phrase in it always stuck…”High tech, high touch.” He made the prediction that as “things” get more and more sophisticated and mechanized, people will crave to blend it with that which is more tactile.

    Looks like he was on the right track with his thinking.

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