If you have any money left after ordering the Apple Watch, why not get a charging stand for it?


Even the cheapest Apple Watch isn’t inexpensive, so you want to make sure you take care of it every moment.  Why risk it getting scratched while it’s laying on your bedside table charging every night?  Twelve South’s HiRise for Apple Watch will keep your Watch safely out of harm’s way above the table top, and the wide base holds it steady and at an angle that makes it easy to interact with while it charges.  It uses the Watch’s own charging disk for power, and it will work with any model Watch and any watchband, including the metal loops.

The HiRise is available in silver or black, and it has silicone cushions and a leather landing pad to protect the Watch and its band while it’s on the stand.  The HiRise for Apple Watch will be available in May for $49.99.  Sign up at Twelve South‘s website to be notified when it’s ready to order.

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  • Andrew Baker March 12, 2015, 5:56 pm

    ….Because I already took our a 2nd and 3rd mortgage to get my diamond iWatch.

    Oh and I have a pebble steel, I printed my own stand.

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