Forget delivery. Make your pizza in this little pizza box.

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If you have teens who eat a lot of pizza, and you’d like a cheaper way to supply all this pizza other than delivery, consider the cute little Cuizen Pizza Box Oven.  It can cook up to a 12″ pizza, and it works with either homemade or frozen pies.  You don’t have to dirty up a big pizza pan (and the big oven), just lay the pizza on the internal wipe-clean cooking tray.  There’s no pre-heating, and the pizza is done in 20-25 minutes.

This isn’t the first home pizza oven I’ve seen that has the dual heating elements and the spinning tray, but it’s certainly the cutest one.  The normal price is $59.99, but Target has the Cuizen Pizza Box Oven on sale for $47.99 for a limited time.

7 thoughts on “Forget delivery. Make your pizza in this little pizza box.”

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  2. In a board room somewhere.

    John: Hey Janet we found a warehouse filled with thousands of military grade record players. What are we going to do with them?
    Janet: I’m hungry, whens lunch
    John: Focus Janet, we have 73,000 of these heavy metal record players, we need to get rid of them.
    Janet: Rumble
    John: Tell your stomach to focus too.
    Janet: Lets get Pizza
    John: Hey that’s a great idea, we add a heating element.
    Janet: Huh? *Grumble*

      1. Totally for kids at home. In fact, I bet many parents of early teenagers would rather them open, close and set this than having to heat the whole oven and then forget to turn it off.

  3. This looks neat, but I question the clearance of the heating element over the pizza. Might be fine.

    FWIW, my family and I got a Presto Pizaazz Pizza Cooker ( just before Christmas a couple of years ago (gold box special; was about half price so I took a shot) and it’s probably become the most-used appliance in the kitchen by our teenagers (more so than microwave). It’s out on the counter at least a couple of times a week. Cleanup is easy (pan is non-stick and, should worse come to worse, replacement pans are $20 on Amazon as well). We cook all sorts of other not-good-for-you stuff on it (Hot Pockets, Corn Dogs, etc.) too.

    Well worth the cost, IMO.

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