Just Mobile TimeStand for Apple Watch review

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There are a lot of charging stands for the Apple Watch on the market in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.  The TimeStand from Just Mobile is a cylinder of high-grade aluminum that will work with any model and any size of Apple Watch.  I was given the opportunity to put the TimeStand through its paces.  Let’s see how it works.   


The TimeStand is a cylinder of aluminum with a circular depression on the top to hold the magnetic charger and a C-shape cut into the side.  This cutout isn’t just for visual interest, though; it allows the stand to be used with Apple Watches wearing loop bands that won’t open flat.

The stand is 1.77″ X 1.96″ X 3.93″ and weighs 9.87 ounces.  I haven’t seen anything that confirms this, but it seems to me that the cylinder may be solid aluminum, considering how heavy it is.  The aluminum has what appears to be a bead-blasted finish, which makes the surface almost sparkle in the camera flash.

If you enlarge the above image, you can see the sides of the charger holder is lined with rubber.  This both prevents the charger from getting scratched and holds it securely in place so you can lift the Watch off the stand without bringing the charger with it.  Just Mobile says you can use either the metal charger or the plastic charger with the TimeStand.


This angle allows you to see both the rubber lining and the channel to hold the reinforcing collar on the charging cable.


A channel cut down the side of the TimeStand holds the charging cable in place.  The channel wraps around to the bottom.


The angle of the channel on the bottom is a bit too severe to actually hold the cable, though.  The attempt to have the channel go down one side and exit at the bottom 90o away to the back doesn’t work perfectly, because the cable pops up right in the bend.  I think a more obtuse angle would have worked to hold the cable flatter.  Since the stand sits on this end, the cable needs to lay flat.  The stand does seem to be heavy enough that the loose cable isn’t enough to make it unstable.

You’ll notice the bottom of the TimeStand is covered with a rubbery material that will protect the surface it’s sitting on from scratches and will keep the charging stand from sliding while you’re putting the Watch on the charger.


The plastic magnetic charger doesn’t sit flush with the top of the TimeStand.  I may have been able to push it in a bit more, but I could hardly get the magnetic charger back out with it seated like this.  I actually had to put the stick from a Q-Tip under the reinforcing collar and push up to dislodge the charger from the TimeStand.


The charger sits up high enough that you don’t have to worry if it can make contact with the back of the Watch for proper charging.


Here’s my Apple Watch Sport wearing its new IVAPO Solid Stainless Steel Apple Watch Strap that I recently got from Amazon.  The TimeStand easily accommodates the band.  This band is heavy, but it’s not enough to make the TimeStand tip over.

It’s easy to put the Watch on the charger and easy to lift it off.  The TimeStand is heavy enough that you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.  The cable channel doesn’t seem to put as much stress on the reinforcing collar as some stands do, which is a good thing.  I do think that a little more attention could have been paid to the function of the cable channel on the bottom of the stand; a more obtuse angle would have probably kept the cable flat.

Source: The TimeStand used in this review was provided by Just Mobile.  Learn more about the TimeStand and their other products at the Just Mobile site.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Just Mobile
Retailer:Just Mobile
  • Sturdy and heavy enough to not tip over
  • Works with Watches of any model, any size, and with any band
  • Difficult to get the Watch charger out again
  • Cord-corraling channel on the bottom doesn't hold the cord flat

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