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Yes, yet another Android Phone that is soon to hit the streets. However, I like the design of this one. And word is the keyboard is quite good, but it is heavier than the G2 (which is quite weighty). It seems that it will be running Sense UI, with some myTouch tweaks here and there. [...]

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As I was writing this post about how disappointing it was that Gingerbread was not coming to the HTC Desire, news broke that it actually is coming. Originally HTC UK stated on its Facebook page that they just couldn't get it done. "Our engineering teams have been working hard for the past few months to [...]

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You might have heard almost 2 years ago Nokia  sued Apple for Patent Infringement. Well, 20 months later they settle and Nokia agrees to license its patents to Apple. How much you ask? We may never know but we can be sure it was for a lot of money. According to some sources, the settlement [...]

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Virgin Mobile recently announced  probably the most significant smartphone to hit prepaid carriers Ever. The Motorola Triumph. If you have been thinking of dumping one of the majors and going prepaid, this is probably the phone that would help you make that final decision. SPECS: 4.1 inch WVGA Screen 1GHZ processor 512MB of  RAM 5 [...]

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Anybody looking to get an iPhone 4 with T-Mobile? Well now you can because Apple has unlocked iPhones for sale. Now unlocked iPhone 4s were floating around the internet for a while but never could you order one from Apple themselves, until now. If you have the scratch, you can order  either Black or White [...]

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  Recently HP's CEO Leo Apotheker said that they were open to the idea of licensing WebOS. And I literally heard the entire internet say, "It's about time." Arguably WebOS is the freshest and best multitasking mobile OS available. If you don't agree with that, you most certainly will agree with the fact that even [...]

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WWDC 2011  announced, oh... just a few new features to iOS that may or may not completely crush RIM's hopes of making a comeback, 1Uped Android and made your PC almost useless. How? 1. Notifications No more pop ups!  Now there will be a drop down notification windowshade like Android, called Notification Center. If you [...]

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Just about every one has a cellphone these days. Some held out as long as they could, but eventually they caved and got one. With the amount of choices and availability added with ease of use, it's hard not to. But having a cellphone really doesn't mean the same thing for everyone who has one. [...]

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Whenever I am reviewing headsets, I am always looking for thought in the design as well as function and comfort. PureGear's PureBeats certainly has a fresh look.  But do they deliver quality sound or are they just another cheap in-ear headset that is over priced? What is most notable is the cable. You won't find [...]

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Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave, you've heard about the pending merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. What will this mean for us, those who love AT&T's network and those who love T-Mobile's price point? We aren't sure but it certainly has a lot of us worried. Why? Competition. When [...]

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Nokia’s Fight Part 2


See this man? His name is Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia. He has a problem-- A big problem. As of now, Nokia has lost its dominance in smartphones world wide to Android. Symbian is a throwback OS and it looks like it. Nokia has no presence in the U.S., where the hottest Mobile OS lives. [...]

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Finally Something New


Yet another Android Phone, yes, but not the same ole' candy-bar shape. Something truly different than anything you have seen. The Kyocera Echo coming to Sprint, has taken a leap in the form-factor innovation of smartphones. Two 3.5 inch WVGA screens, Android 2.2, and Hotspot capability makes for an attractive buy. (if you like Sprint) [...]

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So after all the rumors and the many, many requests for it, it's here. So far, the Verizon iPhone has sold out before it even hit store shelves, which put to bed all the naysayers who thought there wouldn't be many people  migrating to Verizon's iPhone. Android users actually have another option besides another Android [...]

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New Android Market


Google has made a smart move by adding another way to push out all other third party app-stores for Android, by doing what the third party app-stores already do. Android users can now download apps via the new online Android Market and have them pushed to their Android devices. So far it looks beta, but [...]

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Word is Metro PCS, who recently launched their LTE network are geared to release a phone that's actually worth putting on a LTE network. The Samsung Indulge (formally the Forte) is a 1GHZ, 2.2 Android, Slider reportedly being released February 23rd. Priced at 399.99, you may gasp until you realize 60 bucks a month ain't [...]

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Finally! Not that there's a huge population of Virgin Mobile Android Users, but maybe there would be if more desirable phones were available. If you weren't a big fan of the Samsung Intercept, soon you may get a chance to try out the LG Optimus V. Rumor has it, the price is only $150.00 ($100.00 [...]

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Forbes is reporting that Google is unhappy with the Android Market. Apparently, people don't like paying for Apps. (who knew?) Android's Platform Manager said there will be changes in the future including Carrier billing and In-app payments. My guess is you are going to start to see a lot of cool little apps suddenly cost [...]

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Are you a Poser?


Smartphones are the hottest electronic item as of the last year or so. With the iPhone and the storm of Android devices in the market, it's almost impossible to ignore. Retailers are loving the traffic, and as long as the manufacturers keep pumping out new handsets people will be handing over their money. Advertisement is [...]

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Remember this? How could we forget, it was only two years ago! Yet to some of us, the G1 is an ancient artifact. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but there seems to be a stigma attached to hardware --namely cellphones-- of yesteryear. With so many Android phones in the market since the [...]

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Nokia’s Fight


Chances are you have had at least one Nokia phone in your life if you were born sometime before 1990. Fast forward to today, it's probably a Samsung, Motorola, HTC, RIM or Apple (smartphone). Even if it is from some other brand, I can bet that it is not a Nokia. Why? What happened? Nokia dominates [...]

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The first thought I had when I saw these was, "SkullCandy?" The thinksound ts02+mic headphones look very, very identical to the skullcandy pair that I have been  using. But are they really similar? "thinksound™ began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. Our headphones are made with real [...]

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What’s Wrong with Android?


Android is everywhere. It is spreading like a bushfire in California. And it does not appear to be slowing down. In fact, it is getting bigger, faster and stronger day after day. You probably have one in your hand or in your pocket right now. If you don't, you have at least thought about seeing [...]

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Why the Peek 9


The makers of the Peek Pronto have introduced a new device; the Peek 9. Great! What is it? Is it a phone? A scientific calculator? A digital dictionary? I got it, it's an Electronic Foreign Language Translator! Actually it is none of those things. It is an Email Device. It probably should be some or [...]

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Tablets Replacing Laptops?


A while ago, Steve Jobs said when introducing the iPad, “The transformation of the PC to new form factors like the tablet is going to make some people uneasy because the PC has taken us a long ways”. True, the PC has taken us a long way and yes, the tablets are the latest hot [...]

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Walmart The CellPhone Co.


When I first heard this bit of news, I thought, "Please, not another Straight Talk ..." Thankfully it is not.  Walmart Family Mobile, Powered by T-Mobile has just thrown its hat into the race with a pretty competitive price point for service. Will it be a deal budget-junkies can't resist? Or will the handsets being [...]

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