Jeff Hollaway

I have always had a love for gadgets. I remember when I was a teenager I became obsessed with handheld electronics, cell phones especially. And that hasn't changed much over the years.

Virgin Mobile Finally Getting Another Android Phone

Finally! Not that there’s a huge population of Virgin Mobile Android Users, but maybe there would be if more desirable phones were available. If you weren’t a big fan of the Samsung Intercept, soon you may get a chance to try out the LG Optimus V. Rumor has it, the price is only $150.00 ($100.00 …

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Google making Changes to Android Market

Forbes is reporting that Google is unhappy with the Android Market. Apparently, people don’t like paying for Apps. (who knew?) Android’s Platform Manager said there will be changes in the future including Carrier billing and In-app payments. My guess is you are going to start to see a lot of cool little apps suddenly cost …

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Are you a Poser?

Smartphones are the hottest electronic item as of the last year or so. With the iPhone and the storm of Android devices in the market, it’s almost impossible to ignore. Retailers are loving the traffic, and as long as the manufacturers keep pumping out new handsets people will be handing over their money. Advertisement is …

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thinksound ts02+ 8mm High Def Headphones Review

The first thought I had when I saw these was, “SkullCandy?” The thinksound ts02+mic headphones look very, very identical to the skullcandy pair that I have been  using. But are they really similar? “thinksound™ began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. Our headphones are made with real …

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Why the Peek 9

The makers of the Peek Pronto have introduced a new device; the Peek 9. Great! What is it? Is it a phone? A scientific calculator? A digital dictionary? I got it, it’s an Electronic Foreign Language Translator! Actually it is none of those things. It is an Email Device. It probably should be some or …

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