thinksound ts02+ 8mm High Def Headphones Review

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The first thought I had when I saw these was, “SkullCandy?” The thinksound ts02+mic headphones look very, very identical to the skullcandy pair that I have been  using. But are they really similar?

“thinksound™ began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. Our headphones are made with real wood, creating a more natural resonance and unparalleled acoustics.”

The headphones came in recyclable packaging and a cotton carrying pouch which smelled… natural. There’s also a number varying sized rubber tips to find the right fit for your ears.

Closer Look

Even though the overall design may remind me of a lot of Skullcandy’s products, the ts02 housing is made of wood and aluminum, not plastic. The wood and aluminum makes them have the look of better quality and they are.

There is also a built in microphone with an answer button so that if you are using these with a cell phone, they can work as a headset too.

How they Sound

For this Review, I used a Samsung P2 mp3 player. I noticed an immediate difference from my other pair of earbuds. The thinksound ts02 are much more crisp than I expected. Audio was clear and I noticed subtle notes much more. The bass wasn’t as big as I wanted but it was present and sounded great.

Noise cancellation was very good. If you have ever ridden the Philadelphia Subway, then you definitely would be looking for some buds that can block out loud noises in the background, thinksound has done a great job with that. With kids screaming, teenagers yapping, the screeching of the metal-to-metal as the brakes are applied frequently, I was able to block it all out and be completely wrapped in my own world of music.

I am a firm believer in the saying, “You get what you pay for”. For the price of $99.99 though, I wasn’t in agreement entirely. I wouldn’t say that the thinksound ts02+ headphones should be placed in the bargain bin, or even the same shelf as skullcandy’s lower end headsets, but I certainly would not put them up with the higher-ends such Bose, or Shure’s line of in-ear-buds either. Perhaps these are somewhere in the middle. I think a reasonable price  would be 59.99.

Also you would have to consider what player you are using as well. If it’s a $40.00 player with $100.00 headphones or ear-buds, you aren’t getting the full experience. The better the player is, the more sense it makes to buy better quality headphones such as these.

Overall I thought thinksound’s ts02+ headphones were excellent and if you are looking for eco-friendly and well designed earbuds give these a shot!


After switching the earbud tips, the bass was much much better. So it may be that you will have to find the right bud tips to fit inside your ear which will help out a lot. Thinksound includes quite a few different sizes so I’m sure you will find the right fit for you.


Product Information

  • The sound is clear and noise cancellation is great so as long as the buds fit just right.
  • The design overall is nice and more mature looking than some other brands. And the wood and aluminum go well together.
  • I wish that the bass was just a little more present but if your player has an equalizer it can help but be prepared to lose a little bit of clarity.
  • Also the Price should be a little lower. But perhaps you can find them cheaper from other online stores.

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