FLPR – Fast Learning Programmable Remote for iPhone and iPod touch

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The Gadgeteer has mentioned a few methods for turning your iPhone and iPod touch into a universal remote.  Here’s another from New Potato Technologies.  The FLPR, fast learning programmable remote system, turns your Apple device into a powerful universal remote.  You connect the FLPR infrared interface  to your Apple product, download the free app from the iTunes app store, and start selecting your devices.  There are 46,000 preprogrammed remote control codes, so you should be able to find your products.  If you don’t find your product, you can use its current remote to teach the commands to the FLPR.  You can control TVs, cable & satellite boxes, DVD & CD players, receivers – even programmable lights and draperies.  You can give each remote a unique skin to make them easy to distinguish.  The FLPR draws power from the iPhone or iPod touch, so you don’t need separate batteries.  You can even create custom macro sequences to control mulitple devices – say you want to watch a DVD, so program a command to turn on the TV, select the correct input, turn on the DVD player, and turn on the Surround Sound.  You’ll only need to provide the popcorn!  The FLPR is $79.99 and is available now from New Potato Technologies.

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  2. I got this at Best Buy when they first came out. The app GUI interface really sucks. Don’t get me wrong, the hardware works fine with all my devices. But the GUI is just not really appealing.

  3. Quite useless, in my opinion. When you’re making a long phone call, the other people in the living room can’t operate the TV/sound/disc. And expensive: you can pick up an almost perfect universal remote like the Logitech Harmony for less than $60.

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