Remember this? How could we forget, it was only two years ago! Yet to some of us, the G1 is an ancient artifact. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but there seems to be a stigma attached to hardware –namely cellphones– of yesteryear. With so many Android phones in the market since the… Read More

I just received an email with news about the Android Market. If you’re not familiar with the Android Market, it’s the application store on Android G1 smartphones. Until now, all of the apps have been free. But now US and UK developers will be able to submit priced apps. These priced apps will start showing… Read More

I’ve spent a whole week with the Android G1 smartphone and during the last seven days I have found many things to like about this phone, as well as several things that I don’t. I’ll go into those likes and dislikes as well as some info on the following features: Music, Video, Camera GPS /… Read More

A few minutes ago, Judie asked me what my Gmail account name was so that she could add me to her Google Latitude setup. I figured I’d do the same for her so that we could stalk each other like all best friends do. ;) So the idea is that you install an app on… Read More

I’ve been using the Android G1 smartphone as my main device for several days now and during that time my main complaint has been the poor battery life. But the last two days have brought up another issue that could be a deal breaker for me. This latest installment will cover: Making and receiving calls… Read More

I covered the Android G1’s hardware features in the first part of this series (link at the very end of this post). Now I want to tell you all about my first couple of days using the G1, including the following: Moving my calendar and contact info from my Mac to the fluffy Google cloud… Read More

Once I had completed my week with the Blackberry Storm, I asked everyone for some advice on which phone they thought I should choose for my next review. After a few days, the overwhelming choice was the Android G1 Smartphone otherwise known as the Google phone. I’m going to try it out for the next… Read More

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