Metro PCS Getting LTE Andriod Soon

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Word is Metro PCS, who recently launched their LTE network are geared to release a phone that’s actually worth putting on a LTE network. The Samsung Indulge (formally the Forte) is a 1GHZ, 2.2 Android, Slider reportedly being released February 23rd. Priced at 399.99, you may gasp until you realize 60 bucks a month ain’t so bad. If you are the type who only buys a phone once every two years, compare that with a 4G plan from the big 4, then do the math and you may consider it. Then again if you are like me, you’d have it for a few months and then be ready to sell it… Sad I know but, Hooray for Metro PCS!

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  2. Since I’m the type of gal who usually only buys a new phone when the one I’m using starts to fall apart…I did switch to MetroPCS from Sprint because I hated spending more for less. Now, instead of paying $63/month for only 250 anytime minutes I’m paying $50/month for unlimited, plus GPS navigation. I passed on the LG OptimusM because it wasn’t LTE enabled. And so what if the LTE speeds are only that of the big guys 3G networks, MetroPCS can always upgrade their system after it’s in place. It’s not like I’m going to use it to download the Cambridge Unabridged Dictionary Of The English Language. The coverage has been about the same as when I was with Sprint, but I’m not going to face a $180+ bill like I did when I moved this last time. The main issue for me is a decent android phone with usable speeds that isn’t going to put me into foreclosure. Oh, Oh and MetroPCS will start converting their voice traffic to VoLTE with this phone, along with other LTE smartphones they will be bringing out. This will mean being able to talk and text at the same time, or talk and browse the internet at the same time. Verizon isn’t going to start doing this until next year.

  3. Well what did you get if you passed on the OptimusM? The Huawei Ascend is another cheaper choice, but it is slooooow. But it is only about 120.00 depending where you go. And its easily the best phone for that price and so far the second best Phone Metro PCS has ever had. (until the New LTE Android comes.)

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