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Just about every one has a cellphone these days. Some held out as long as they could, but eventually they caved and got one. With the amount of choices and availability added with ease of use, it’s hard not to. But having a cellphone really doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone who has one. Even the primary use for a phone–making calls– isn’t necessarily the most important feature to a lot of users. Nowadays, these things do a lot. They come in all sorts of shapes, color and sizes. But eventually we all decided on one particular phone. Why?

Most people I have talked to say that they like the look and what it could do. iPhone users all thought that they had the best phone that’s available. But really the question is what is it about that iPhone that made you want it as YOUR phone. There are some people out there who say there are reasons why they did not choose an iPhone, or an Android. In case you didn’t know, Blackberry phones are still around and still loved by many.

Fact is, smartphones aren’t the only phones available. There are plenty to choose from that can fit any budget out there. From the basic flip to the slide-out qwerty keyboard, the selections list is a mile long.

I asked a few people why they chose the phone they have, and the people who didn’t tell me to buzz off had this to say:

Stacy (iphone 4): “I just love it. It does everything! I can’t imagine having anything else.”

William (HTC Incredible): “I got it on sale. Its looks pretty cool and it works great for me… best phone I ever had.

Tera (LG DLite): “It’s Pink and really girly. I still like flip phones, I know most people think they aren’t cool anymore, but who cares? I like it and that’s all that matters.”

Bob (Blackberry 8900): “Keyboard and Email. Those are my two biggest things. I hate slide out keyboards (me too). From my experience  Blackberry does email better than any other phones. I don’t really care for a big touchscreen.”

For me I like all kinds of phones. Smartphones, flip phones, feature phones, whatever you got, I wanna try it out. If you are like me and have a tight budget, you try your hardest to find something that fits your personal aesthetics and your price.

But what I really really want to know is: What Phone do you have and why?

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  2. I have the HTC Arrive. Ever since I saw WP7 I just knew I wanted one. Its unique, easy, fun and its only going to get better with Mango.

  3. Palm Pre 2 on Verizon. I like a real keyboard and I like the vertical slider form factor. If Apple made an iPhone in that form factor I’d switch today.

  4. @thenikjones Oooohh! I still want one and look! They are still holding a high resale value. Which goes to show, with all these phones being pumped out today, a phone made 4 years ago still is very much relevant to some consumers.

  5. What I want in a phone?

    -For starters – One that WORKS! Signal should be number one.
    (iphone4 fails miserably)

    -Unlimited Contact numbers & Sim card import

    -speed dialing and/or voice dial

    -easy texting with selected corrections (no auto correct)

    NOW.. talking about “Smartphones” –
    I need a computer in my pocket.. a computer away from home.
    -Full Internet Browser w/ tabs
    -GPS w/ Maps
    -alarm clock/timer
    -settings control toggle widgets (wifi, brightness, airplane)
    -camera w/ flash >5mp
    -text message or chat client
    -native email
    -Calendar (preferably today’s agenda on home/lock screen)
    -OTA updates
    -games & apps (respective to the capability of the device)

    mm I can’t wait for the Pre3 ^_^

  6. @Anthony, everything you have listed there bar the widgets is on the iPhone wether it be current iOS or iOS5…

    I’ve also never had a problem with cell coverage on my iPhone, I rarely see it below 4 bars on 3G even if I’m ‘death gripping’ it.
    I’m in the land of Aus on the Telstra network.

  7. thats good for you! -the iphone does work when you can get it to work, and it is a great and powerful phone compared to my 3gs.

    But all that and at&t’s spotty service in CA aint cuttn’ it for me. hahah

    at&t is the devil where you sell your soul

    plus – I shouldn’t have to wait YEARS for Features that should have been native from the start. iOS5 granted has features – is only worth a cookie now that Apple wants to finally be competitive. Oh and dont forget about the Apple’s killswitch.

  8. @Anthony
    Apple’s killswitch hasn’t found me yet, I’m still alive.

    What is this killswitch supposed to be able to do?
    Doesn’t it appear in other phone OS’s?

  9. Droid x Does everything i want it to do and alot more now that it has gingerbread. Way better then a Iphone that is just now adding features that android had since day one but i will be ready to trade it in as soon as the Galaxy 2 s comes out. Duel core will be the new standard

  10. I got my HTC Vision (Desire Z) because my nokia E71 finally drove me to madness. the features I like about it are it’s android OS, hardware QWERTY keyboard, and the size, not to big or to small, and nicely rounded. it chugs a bit when the multitasking gets pushed, but that’s something I can live with. it’s proven a dependable unit so far, and I hope it lasts through the 3 year contract (only one that gets subsidized here really)

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